Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Work work work....

I got a job! Hooray. so that puts me ahead of a lot of people in terms of using my degree.  Funny thing is though, I'm not using my degree.  I am doing absolutely no chemical engineering, but I do love my job running military experiments!  I have learned a lot though from my time here working for the Department of Defence.
1) Be on time. Always. In fact, maybe be early.  You'd be surprised how many good things come your way in the office when you're the first one in and last one out.  You'll always be up to speed and maybe even ahead on your work.

2) Technology is not your enemy.  Even if you don't know anything about computers, taking 20min to try to fix your own issues using Google before you ask for help can actually teach you a lot!

3) Be patient.  Be it with your boss (I know it's difficult!), coworkers, or even people from other teams or departments, being known as the nice person in the office can buy you a lot of favors and people will respect you more.  However, don't be a pushover. Then no one will listen when you need something done.

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