Thursday, August 1, 2013

College Prepping

We're getting close to the beginning of school and I thought I'd say a few things on what incoming freshmen should think about bringing.  However, I'm going to stay away from the typical fridge, hangers, and other room stuff.  These are things I wish I had, or have found useful when living on my own.
Bean Boots || Lilly Agenda || White Barn Candle || USB Hub
These have proven invaluable to me, especially because I live in a rainy place.  These are awesome because when you layer them with some nice wool socks they are super warm and comfy in the winter, waterproof and snow proof.  I like them more than rain boots because they're flexible enough to still be able to ride a bike.  They are also perfect for the transition into spring when EVERYTHING is soggy.

This one may seem weird but you'd be surprised how far they go!  Not opening the windows in a small room all winter can make the air pretty stale.  Also just lighting one of these while doing homework can really help you focus and relax.  I suggest something like lavender or eucalyptus to help you relax, avoid the strong flowery scents.

An Agenda
Even though you don't have nightly homework assignments it's still good to keep up on when projects are due and other important dates.  In my mind, nothing beats paper because I never have luck with computers.

A USB Splitter
Even if you're not very tech savvy like me, you're guaranteed to accumulate more electronics than you'll think.  These little splitters are a super cute desk accessory as well as very handy for when you need to charge your phone and connect your mouse and your ipad and another monitor all at the same time.

What were you surprised you needed? What are you planning on bringing to school?
Let me know :)

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