Monday, August 12, 2013

Fogo de Chao

Since I just went there this weekend, I definitely should do a review of  my favorite restaurant.  Fogo de Chao is like Mecca for meat eaters.  It's very pricey, around $50, so I only go once a year.  But, for that price you get an all you can eat salad bar and meat course.  I know what you're thinking, all you can eat does sound slightly trashy, like everybody in a stained t-shirt and their mother would be there with their hands in your food.  Definitely not the case here.  While the salad bar is self serve (but really clean!), it's stocked with only the best cheese and salad toppings.  The marinated mushrooms and smoked salmon are to die for.  But you can't just eat the salad (total Fogo noob move).
  Pace yourself for the marathon and flip over your card to green.  Your main waiter will give you a little coaster as you're seated; one side is red (don't feed me) and one side is green (offer me meat).  You use this card to signal if you want food.  When you flip it over be prepared for the time of your life and to inflict near doom on your stomach.  You'll be approached by the most professional staff I have ever come across.  The servers are courteous and very helpful.  However, be prepared to be faced with the most perfect pieces of meat ever.  These gaucho clad, skewer slicing waiters really know how to push a product.  
My favorite was the picanha.  A beautiful cut of sirloin crusted in sea salt, this piece is salty with a little marble of fat and tastes like heaven.  I definitely ate my fill of this, especially because once the waiters know you like it, they'll keep coming by and say things like "would you like more medium rare picanha?" ,  "this batch is really good, surely you'd like another slice?"  They are the drug dealers of the meat world.
So basically one of the best experiences of my life, but one I'm not quite ready to relive soon.  My tummy totally needed a rest (guess you can't spell meat without eat.)

Salad Bar ||  3 Lamb Chops and a slice of Picanha

Have you ever been to Fogo de Chao?  What's your favourite restaurant?  Let me know :)

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