Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Happy Hump Day. You now don't have to cook.

So last night I was feeling exceptionally lazy and didn't want to cook.  So I remembered an excellent dish my mom used to make, rotisserie chicken on rice.  It's incredibly easy to make.  (This will serve 3 comfortably with about 2 cups of rice)
  1. First go out and buy whatever rotisserie chicken looks happy to you.  Now bring it home.  Before you bring it home though make sure you take it to a nice movie or dinner otherwise theres no chance she'd go home with someone she met at Whole Foods.
  2. Make rice (you can even do this in a rice cooker) but add a tablespoon of butter and half an onion to the mix.  
  3. While that's cooking dice a tomato and cook it in a pan until its warm and most of the juice has come out.  Be careful not to burn the tomatoes!
  4. When there are about ten min left on the rice, take your chicken and pull all the meat off the bones and set it aside (that's what she gets for going home with a stranger).  Keep the skin too, it's yummy and makes the rice moist, or you can make a suit out of it Buffalo Bill style.
  5. When the rice is done mix it all together and put it in your face hole.
You can also add whatever vegetables you like to this.  It's really a low maintenance dish. 

Doesn't that look yummy?

Hope you like it!  What do you make when you're feeling lazy?  Let me know :)

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