Monday, August 19, 2013

I'm kinda crabby

I'm baaacckkk.   Ocean city was amazing, and as promised here I am with the details.  I ate my weight in crab and laid on the beach and am now refreshed to take on the semester!  OC is by far one of my favourite vacations because what's not to love?  There's great food, a great beach and a ton of ways to just forget work.
We had a great motel room with a balcony overlooking the beach  Since it was raining a lot of the time we spent a good portion of the vacation on the covered balcony watching surfers and dolphins (or looking for the shark-nado if you're my brother)
Vacations are the one time I go completely crazy with the food.  A summer must is some shandy and chips.  I cannot stress how awesome shandy is for the summer and is especially for chilling on the beach.  It goes great with most summery foods (especially blue crab) and is quite refreshing.
Stay cool buddies

The most important part of Ocean City though is the blue crabs (if you don't like seafood go home because no one likes you).
You know you want in on some of that

Freakin awesome right?  I ate these puppies every night for 4 nights, making that 2 dozen in total for me.  I'm now a crab shelling pro and have Old Bay seasoning permanently in the skin on my fingertips.  I can still smell the old bay which, in my opinion, is the best seasoning ever. Salty, spicy, my mouth is watering...
My hands still smell like Old Bay

The best crabs by far were at the Assateague Crab House a little bit outside of Ocean City.  This place is tucked away but is a real gem.  The staff was friendly and their food was to die for.  For you idiots that won't eat crab, their fried chicken was also awesome.

What were you up to this weekend? Have you been to Ocean City? Let me know :)

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