Tuesday, August 27, 2013


What's going on?  Classes haven't even started yet and I feel like I've hit the wall.  I have no drive to go to work, not looking forward to classes and have been listening to way too much *NSYNC (always a bad sign for me).  At least I haven't started watching Aladdin yet, which is what I watch on repeat during finals week.  That little street rat really speaks to me with his riffraff antics.
Take it easy, it's just a little snack guys.
 Anyways, I've been hit with the blues kinda bad.  But I realized I'm just at an inbetween.  Yes that's one word, no I didn't make it up.  Inbetweens are doorways, windows, anything between one space or another.
Ok so the phrase might be from Charmed, I have no shame.
 Right now I'm a metaphoric inbetween.  I just moved to my fall housing, my boyfriend just moved back to Cornell for the year, I quit my job and haven't started my new one, and lastly I'm just sitting with twiddling my thumbs waiting for classes.  I'm in between summer and fall, sophomore and junior year, and for some reason it's stressing me out.  The frosh are here for orientation, yet I have no work to do.

Don't get me wrong, I don't enjoy problem sets;  I may go to MIT but I'm not that big a nerd.  But there is something to say for having some sort of rhythm.

So to keep myself sane I've been on a tight schedule of day to day things.  Dude bad call.  All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.  The best thing you can do, call a friend and just walk into the city.  Ignore your bank account (ok you can't do this everyday) and eat somewhere new, go to a new museum, try on clothes you'd never wear, scream in the street.  
My new inspiration (this is bad) is Jackass.  
Don't take me wrong, I'm not running shopping carts through store windows or throwing poop on myself, but seriously think for a moment how much fun those guys have.  If you're walking down the street and someone starts playing a kickass song, dance to it, invite passersby to join you.  Have absolutely no shame.  I've been doing this a lot on campus lately and the new frosh seem to love it.  My friends and I have been running up to frosh yelling "hey want to get laid?" and when they look at us weird we put a lei necklace on them and yell "congrats! you just got laid!" and run on to the next group.  Remember the key is no shame, you're having harmless fun.
Is Bunny the Lifeguard a good role model?
 Ok so not the naked dancing on people in the street type of no shame.  But seriously, yelling like you have tourettes in the street while skipping/dancing and forgetting there are other people is really refreshing.  It'll totally make your day to be silly in public, it's daring but not stupid.  Who knows, maybe you'll brighten someone else's day with your spunk, then two people are happy, and then they make someone happy, and then the person they made happy makes someone happy and before you know it the whole freakin planet is happy. It really broke my funk this week.

What do you do to break your funk?  Like Jackass? Let me know :)

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