Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Let's go to the beach beach let's go get away

So tomorrow morning I'm going to Ocean City to eat my weight in blue crab!  This is the time of year when my pair of X-Chromosomes really shows because I over pack like it's my job then go home and overpack just for fun.  I'm a hoarder/ neurotic traveler and I can admit it.  For a 4 day beach getaway I'd pack jeans, sneakers, flip flops, raincoat, nice dresses, workout clothes and lots of other shit I don't need on top of the necessities.  It's not happening this time!  I've made a list and I'm checking it twice and I am only bringing what I need to relax.

Ray-Bans || Bikini || Flip Flops || Sweatshirt || Sunscreen || Towel

These are the things that I've decided I absolutely need for my vacation (plus some t-shirts and shorts for going to eat.)

Sunnies and a kick-ass bikini go without saying.  These two are my favorites.  Ray-Bans never fail and their aviators are a classic that will always be in style.  I like the bandeau bikini because my boobs are like cantaloupes (as my sister says) and basically nothing else fits.  So shout out to my bustier readers, bandeau is the way to go if you still want to wear a bikini and not have a Playboy amount of cleavage.  Macy's is usually a good place to look.

Flip flops are also a beach must.  I don't normally  shop at Aeropostale ( I think I'm too old) but their flip flops are usually $2-$6 and I go through flip flops fast so that's perfect for me.

SUNSCREEN! Most important probably.  Coppertone sport SPF 70+ is great for the beach.  It's sweatproof and waterproof, and 70+ SPF is great for a while in the sun.

Towel: just get one that's long enough for you and pretty.  I like the Vera Bradley one pictured above.

And lastly, a sweatshirt.  You'd be surprised how cold it can get at night and nothing beats a comfy sweatshirt.  Honestly, one of the things I was most excited about going to college when I was in high school was getting a college sweatshirt.  I bring it on every vacation and it's so warm and comfy!! I put a link for an MIT one, if that's what you're into, but I always think it's fun to get one from your school.

Going anywhere fun to celebrate the end of summer?  What do you pack?  Let me know :)

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