Monday, August 26, 2013

*NSYNC back together forever please

If you don't know me, most people consider my taste in music kind of odd.  I'm a super Dead Head. I absolutely love the Dead, I follow Phish around each summer and I'd shell out months worth of paychecks for a ticket to see moe.  I completely lost it when I watched the VMAs last night though.  I made my friends watch with me at nine, and I was shaking (though that may have been the 3 red bulls I had earlier).  I watched JT's performance in anticipation and jumped out of my chair screaming when the boys were together again.  I was so excited I like almost peed myself haha.  I cried tears of joy and jumped up and down screaming like I was there.
The boys really classed it up since the 90's.  Not gonna lie though, they're not the same without the frosted tips.

My friends laughed at me but I didn't care.  I'd been waiting 11 years for this moment and now that those precious minutes are over I've been reliving it in my mind.  Now that the red bull is out of my system and my adrenaline levels are down, I've been thinking of why I love NSYNC like I do.  The music is nothing like what I normally listen to, but I love it nonetheless.
I've come to realise it's the memories that these songs hold.  As lame as it is to say this, I'm a child of the 90's.  My sister is a little late to the party, but almost a child of the 90's.  We used to learn the dances (ok used to is a lie, we still know them).  We even used to claim which one we wanted to "be" when we danced.  I was JT of course because I'm the oldest, she got JC and we roped my brother in with us as Joey.   I think the best day of our pre-teen lives was when my mom let us watch MTV so we could watch an NSYNC concert.  She actually let us watch MTV!!  We were 8 and 6 and felt like the coolest kids in the world (yes we were that sheltered.)
We love NSYNC because it reminds us of our childhood, sappy right?  But it's true!  The first thing I did after they got done performing?  Called my sister to scream into the phone how awesome they were.  How gracefully they aged and how happy we were Justin got so many awards.  So long sappy story short, I freakin love them and have no shame about it.  I may have grown up, but as NSYNC so eloquently put it,  "you have to realize what you're doing is not a trend" and I'll never grow out of it.

Also screw you Backstreet Boys.  Backstreet may be back but NSYNC was never gone.

Did you watch the VMAs?  What did you think?  Let me know :)

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