Thursday, August 15, 2013

On the road (air?) and see you Monday

 Hey hey hey.  So the day is finally here! I'm on my way to Baltimore and then on to Ocean City!  I'm ready to eat so much blue crab that it goes extinct and I'll be back in Boston with a food baby.  
This is going to be my life this weekend

This will be a short post because aside from moving and packing not much exciting has been happening.  I'll be sure to give a full recap of my trip but it won't be until Monday.  I'm really all for not using computers when I can help it while I'm on vacation.
I will say a little about my trip though.  I have the most wonderful Tommy Hilfiger bag that has been a total lifesaver.  I hate carrying a backpack around when I travel so having a cute bag that holds everything is essential.  This bag fits my laptop, planner, some food (I'm a secret fat girl), headphones, and pretty much anything you need when you fly.  Now I'm not a hoarder, or really into packing the kitchen sink in my carry on (I check all that), so you may need a backpack.  But this is really an awesome and adorable bag.  Unfortunately I bought it on Ebay, and I can't find another link to it so I won't be able to direct you to the bag like I normally do.  However, I do really like all of their totes so really anything will work :).
The bag even has a zipper along the bottom to expand it to be wider
  Ok I'm boarding now :) See you Monday!
(Also, my checked bag was only 27.4 lbs, so congrats to be for not being a hoarder packer!)

Have a great weekend! Up to anything fun? Let me know :)

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