Friday, August 9, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away

It seems like the rainy season is finally here in Boston, it's been pouring all day.  When you don't have a car it can be really hard to stay dry.  You can still have fun sloshing through puddles even in the grey city.  The key is in the gear.  Remember, keep your hair dry and you belongings dry.  The best things you can do are get a nice coat and some rain boots.  The boots are really a must though; nothing is worse than wet feet in class.  A fairly waterproof backpack is also a must, protect your homework and laptop!  Here are some of my favorites for stormy days.

Coach Boots || Totes Bubble Umbrella || Columbia Rain Coat || North Face Backpack

What do you wear when the weather is getting you down? Let me know :)

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