Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ready to go back to school?

Getting back to school can be stressful, trust me, I know better than most people.  Just thinking of walking back into the ChemE building is giving me PTSD attacks.  The one thing I do love though is back to school shopping.  I'm a nerd (no shit I go to MIT right?) and there's just something about buying notebooks and pens that really gets me pumped for the year.  I've already bought everything I need even though classes don't start until September.  That's how dedicated and excited I am.  I'm also a paper hoarder so buying more paper is always exciting for me.  A while ago I gave you guys some of my favourite dorm things, well here are some of my favourite backpack things.
Everything here except the Lilly Organizer can be bought on Amazon (linked below) and is Prime eligible.  If you don't have Amazon Prime yet I HIGHLY recommend you get it.

Pen || Agenda || Notebook || Highlighters

Rollerball Pens
These pens are freakin awesome. Retractable = no lost caps and a clean backpack.  Also by some witchcraft they don't bleed through paper.  This makes it super duper easy to write on both sides of the paper, even when both sides are filled with equations and drawings (because you know that sucks).  Since they're rollerball the lines are super slim, which means more writing per page and clearer writing for you fools with messy writing like me.  I adore these pens and refuse to use anything else.  I also have crappy pens in my pack to loan to people so I don't lose these, they are a little pricey.

This should go without saying and I know I beat this one to death.  I love Lilly Pulitzer, and I love organizing.  This little monthly agenda is perfect for keeping track of due dates and meetings.  It's slim and light, so really easy to bring with you everywhere.  It also has a nice pocket in front that I keep scratch paper in with a to-do list and other things so I have what I need wherever.

Quad Ruled Notebook
If you're not an engineer I give you permission to ignore this.  Quad ruled is a total lifesaver for formulas, diagrams, chemical structures, and keeping your handwriting straight.  The paper is also ivory, which is a plus with the Mead brand notebook mentioned above.  The ivory paper is very soothing when you're working (it seems stupid but after you use it white paper just seems so harsh).  The pages are big, so you can fit a lot, and it also has pockets to keep syllabi in the notebook.  I usually use one per class.  I've been using this since freshman year and it has served me well.

Last but not least.  Get a good set of highlighters that don't bleed or smell horrible.  These BIC ones above are nice and the pack is relatively cheap with multiple colors.  I bring them everywhere and highlight not only my textbooks, but also my notebooks.  Helpful hint to engineers, anytime you write a formula or see one in your text, highlight it.  Even if it doesn't seem important.  When you need it in the middle of an open-book midterm you'll thank me.  I usually pick one color a semester and that is my formula color.  Every single formula is pink.  It's a fast way to find exactly what you need.

Are you excited for school?  What do you bring to class? Let me know :)

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