Monday, August 5, 2013

Role Model?

I had a ton of fun yesterday!  I really appreciate Boston when I can take advantage of a good day out.  I went to my favourite restaurant, the Parker House, and then spent the day shopping.  Went to my all time favourite store (got some Lilly!) then topped the day off with some fun at Saks.  While I can't actually afford anything there, I thought you could enjoy some pictures of me showing how ridiculous some mannequin poses actually are.  (The lighting in Saks wasn't perfect for using a phone camera, sorry!)

Lounging in the D&G section

"Stella is over there" 
This is how I normally stand

It's a little windy over here in the sale section

Show me sassy!

yeah I don't even know what to say here

What's the most fun you've had shopping? Ever done anything weirder than this in a store? Let me know :)

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