Thursday, August 22, 2013


I'm kinda stressed today.  Sometimes your job can really eat at you despite you knowing it's good work.  The point is, you have to push through it.  There are so many stressful things in our lives, especially when you're 20, but I know they'll keep compounding.  Juggling school, work, family, relationships, and just your day to day needs can be overwhelming.  The only way out of it is through it one step at a time and eventually it gets better.
However sometimes you can't just push through it and you need to make a change.  I've been learning this the hard way this summer at my job.  Sometimes things just aren't a good fit.  You may be working hard and doing well, maybe even getting promotions, but if the work isn't inspiring for you it's really hard to wake up happy to go to work.  This is when I knew I needed a change last month, when I would have rather stayed home and done homework than go to my job and make money (what? yes you read that right).  I made the leap and applied for new jobs.  It was the first time I thought of quitting a job without it being because school was starting and it felt weird.  I had super latched on to my commitment and looking for a new job felt like looking for a new boyfriend while I'm with mine.  
It's totally normal though.  No one stays in their first job forever, and when you're 20 you should take advantage of your time in school to find a passion.
3 interviews, 2 job offers, and 1 acceptance later I was faced with the scary responsibility to turn in my 2 weeks notice and break up with my job.  I was actually sweating and shaking a little when I knocked on my bosses door.  I knew it was the right thing to do, to tell him myself in person but my mind jumped to the worst case scenario of him yelling and firing me on the spot, no two weeks.  It is NEVER that bad but for some reason I'm neurotic like that.  Also never ever burn bridges as you quit.  As my dad says "the toes you step on today could be connected to the ass you're kissing tomorrow".  
It went well.  I got a promise of a letter of recommendation and a nice sendoff.  I'm just glad I ended this chapter of work on a good note.  I'm really looking forward to my new position in the Chemical Engineering Department!
Here's to a bright future?

Have you ever had to quit a job?  Other workplace traumas? Let me know :)

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