Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vacationing back home

I mentioned a week ago that I went to my parents' house for a weekend to see everyone.  I told you about my flight drama, but not about my fantastic trip.  This is basically when I brag about my trip to you guys.
It was so nice to see my family again, especially my baby Chippy!
How can I not miss him???
Baby cried when I walked  in the door he missed me so much.  The other best part was that my mom didn't know I was coming home.  When I walked in the door she thought she was hallucinating!  It was definitely a jolt not being in a city anymore.  My parents and I went out to breakfast and when I told the waitress I wanted tea, she walked away and got me Lipton without asking me which kind I wanted!  Out there in the woods they don't have passion fruit oolong tea. You're lucky to get hot tea at all.  (Yes I'm from that rural a place)  My parents told me I act like Lydia from Breaking Bad.
"Do you have Stevia?  I brought my own"
Not sure how I'll do once I graduate and get out of Boston.  It'll take some adjusting to get used to living in the suburbs.
Best part of the weekend was definitely apple picking.  Being from Upstate New York, you develop incredibly high standards for how apples should be.  My parents always send me a huge box of apples fresh off the tree each fall (this year I got 20lbs! holy shit)

  It sure was nice to get to pick them myself again.  Definitely brought back memories of when my mom had us pick them for hours like migrant workers so she could make pies and crisps for all our teachers.  My mom was Ohio-nice, so she was a slave driver to us to do nice things for teachers/ friends/ neighbors.
Overall it was a good weekend, but it is nice to be back in civilization!

Do you like apples?  I got her number, how do you like dem apples? ;)

Work Shoes

I was looking at my shoes the other day (ok every day) and realized that I don't own any black heels.  Tragedy right?  I own some black satin sandals (back from prom..) but nothing I would call professional.  
I've been on the hunt for new shoes now.  It's been tricky.  I want some that are comfortable enough that I can be confident in a job interview, but still say "yeah I love picking what to wear and take time to look good".  Peep toes are so out for me.  I've broken my toes so many times they look weird, and also I work in chemical labs so closed toes is not optional most days.  Besides, something about a sleek closed toed black shoe just screams I know what I'm doing.
I went to my go-tos, and here are the three I'm currently looking at.

Kate Spade || J. Crew || Ivanka Trump

I really like all of these.  My favourite is the Kate Spade one, the bow adds a nice detail that keeps the shoe from being too simple.  I really like having a pop of something unexpected, but not too gaudy.  Price-wise though I may need to go with the Ivanka Trumps, but we'll see if my new Kate Spade student card can help me out ;)  I'm really just glad to have an excuse to buy new shoes.

What do you wear to work?  Got a favourite black shoe?  Let me know :)

Broke 1000

I wanted to thank everyone who has taken the time to read my thoughts.  Today I cracked 1000 page views and my blog is really only a month old!  This is really exciting for me and I wanted to thank all of you and say get ready for more :)

Best wishes, I love you guys!

Saturday, September 28, 2013


My life is over.  My mom and her big mouth told the nice ladies at my local Kate Spade store about the blog.  O. M. G.  So embarrassing, right?  They asked for the address so they could "see local student opinions." I feel like this kid at a Michael Bublé concert.

I am freaked.  No joke.  I'm one of those people that over thinks things all the time.  I'm like what if they hate it, what if they tell everyone it sucks, what if I've blown my chances of ever working with Kate Spade.  My blog is still a baby, I know it, I don't think I'm going to be at the big kids table until I work my way up.  But I don't normally like self-promoting.  Career fairs are nightmares for me and only a handful of my friends even know I have a blog.  When I meet people on the street sometimes I don't even tell them I go to MIT, I just say I go to school in Boston.  I don't like pushing people to like me.  I'm a passive friend maker.  If we click it's good, if we don't I'll move on.  Today though, freaked me out.

But it's a good thing.  This my friends, is networking, and as my mom says "it's good to be scared".
Truth is, the worst that happens is they look at it, shrug, throw away the URL, and move on.  It threw me off big time though that anyone would want to look at any non-engineering work of mine.  I love this space though.  Writing to you really helps me sort out my day and get ready for the next.
I'm ready to step out of my comfort zone.  I've been hiding this blog but I'm ready to really promote it.  HERE I COME WORLD. GET READY FOR A STORM OF MY OPINIONS!

On another note, the girls at Kate Spade were so nice, as usual.  When they found out I was a student they gave me this lovely student card. (Go ask for one!)

It's good for 15% off with a student ID as long as there isn't already a sale.  Cool beans right?  I thought so.
Aside from that there was a SALE TODAY!  20% off :)  Who doesn't love discounts?  I can never say no, though today my late paycheck said no for me....
Get ready for some new energy cause I'm ready to go!

Are you in love with your local Kate store?  Trouble networking? Love networking?  Let me know :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

My dreams came true today

I have seen Michael Bublé in real life!!! For real!  I was in the same room as him!
I bought tickets to see him a few months ago and my mom drove into Boston for the show tonight.  It. was. fantastic!
When he walked out I screamed and almost cried.  For those who don't know, he is my Beatles.  I've been waiting years to see him and when my time came I freaked the shit out.
I don't think I've ever fangirled so hard in my life. Ever.  The whole show I just really wanted to meet him.  I've been to dozens of concerts and I've never been so excited.
I basically met him...

The night had some pretty amazing moments.  He sang most of my favourites (ok fine, they're all my favourite).  Me and Mrs. Jones, Haven't Met You Yet, Fever, Moondance.  The stage setup was brilliant, the band was swingin, and Michael was on top of his game.
Most surprising part of the night:  he sang Get Lucky.  Yes, Michael Bublé sang Daft Punk.  Whaaaaaat.  Yes I freaked out.  My mom was like what is that song I don't get it.  She's just old.
Tonight was mom's first low quality selfie as well

Basically I can die happy now.  My dreams have come true and I heard the voice of the gods in real life :P

Have you seen Michael Bublé?

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Being Healthy

So I'm sure you've noticed that a lot of my posts are about stress and time management.  As a student this is pretty much what my life is about.  I try everyday to find a balance between getting work done, sleeping, and seeing my friends.  It helps that I live with most of my friends, but the sleep work balance has been a struggle lately.  I've been getting sick every single night lately for some unknown reason and it's been keeping me from getting any sleep.  I also haven't been able to get work done as well because of it.  It's times like this when I start to wonder how to prioritize classes.  I could sleep, then I won't get work done.  I could work all night, but then I'll probably get sicker.
The answer: talk to professors.  Though it seems otherwise, they are humans.  They get sick, they get tired,and they've been through school too.  The majority of the professors you will have will be reasonable people.   I was able to work with them to develop an alternative schedule for handing work in until I get better.  Right now I'm focusing on getting better.  So yeah, sorry these posts have been crap, but that's been my life lately. 
On an upside I'm watching Tangled right now and it's fantastic :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beauty Prize Pack Giveaway!

These are some of my absolute favourite products that I use daily.  I love them so much that I want to share them with you!  For free!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck! ;)

Have I mentioned I love these two?

I hashtag everything in real life now.  It's kind of a joke between me and my friends that has gone too far, but we still love doing it.  Here's some hashtag abuse at its finest.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Blog Envy and Giveaway Announcement

So I don't know about you, but I have some serious blog envy going on.  It's so easy to compare yourself to every established blog you read.  There are so many blogs that inspired me to make this one and I try to make it a fusion of everything I love.  Food, organizing, clothes, makeup... I love it all and can talk forever.  I get so jealous of the "big" blogs.  The ones with thousands of followers on facebook, tons of comments, and posts twice a day.
I've got a goal.
I need your help.
I'm going to put up a giveaway soon of some of my favourite beauty products.  It's all stuff I use daily from my favourite brands, and if you like it I'll keep it up.

Here's where you come in.  To satisfy my blog envy you should tell your friends.  I'll be putting this together within the week, so give me some hype.  
I'm really excited for my first giveaway and I hope you are too!

Want to see something new here? Let me know :)

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Take a deep breath.

Throughout my life I've been learning how to deal with it when things don't go the way I want.  Sometimes it's small, like I have to change dinner plans, and sometimes it's big.  Tonight it was big.  I was sitting in the airport back home after an awesome surprise trip to my parents' house (pics coming soon!), when 5 min before I was boarding my flight got canceled.  Then every United Airlines flight was canceled.  Then we were herded into a single file line (all 100 of us) and told to rebook our tickets one at a time at the counter.  At first I panicked. I immediately thought about the classes I was going to miss tomorrow, the food poisoning I'm still dealing with, and the late cab ride to a foodless messy dorm.
Then I took a deep breath.
Yes I'm a weirdo but I do yoga in my mind.  I just picture myself being like this lady.
It's strangely calming
I sat down right in the line (I was like 20th in line) and took out my laptop, and searched Kayak for every flight out of Syracuse to Boston.  Found one on Jetblue, booked it, signed up for miles, and relaxed while I waited my turn to cancel my flight completely.
While I could take the time to bitch and moan about how shitty United Airways is, I'll spare you.  The message of the day is breathe.  My life has been getting super stressful lately as I've been taking on more and more responsibility and trying to be more self sufficient. Through this I've learned to calm down.  Caffeine or alcohol while you're stressed will make you more stressed, and sometimes you do just need to give up and sleep.  Sometimes you can't moan and groan about your situation, you need to take a second, assess it, and act.  I was the only person in line on my laptop rebooking for myself.  I know they all had laptops, but they'd rather bitch and complain than help themselves.  It's easy to self pity, but it's really hard to calm down and fix your messes, no matter who caused them.
Right now I'm sitting in JFK, ready to get on a flight to Boston, and I'll only be an hour later than planned.  No problem.
I still have to deal with stupid United for a refund, but that's a battle for another day.
How do you react when things change unexpectedly? Tips on calming down? Let me know :)

Friday, September 20, 2013

Turning leaves

Fall is a tough time for me clothing wise.  I grew up in New York and am very used to cold weather, and I love love love bright colors.  Going into deep purples, browns, and dark reds is a hard choice for me.  Also I don't even notice the weather getting colder until it hits like 55 degF, which isn't until October here.
Enter my mad dash through J. Crew et al.  My key, is layering.  I love taking my flowery summer shirts and layering them under a fall sweater.
J. Crew Sweater
I'm a fan of this sweater from J. Crew.  It's lightweight and loose, so perfect for layering.  The deeper V neck will show just a pop of color, while still keeping it cool for fall.  Basically, I'm just waiting to get paid to buy this.

My second go-to is Bean Boots.
8" Bean Boots
The 8" option is the one I have.  I really like to be able to tuck my jeans into them .
See?  Perfect fit
Perfect for colder weather (I'd wear wool socks with them)  or warmer with normal socks.  They're comfy once you wear the leather in and hold up better than anything else I know for mud, rain, even a little snow.  Ok the last one is only a fall occurrence back in Syracuse, but one can hope.  They also just scream fall to me.  Getting ready to go apple picking, walking through muddy leaves, seeing my baby boy Chippy running through the yard.
Have I introduced you to booboo yet?
 In short, I'm ready for fall.  I'm ready for snow, cold, sweaters, and even to dive into school.  Weird right?  But I'm super pumped for this semester.  It's already stressful, but I think it'll have good things in store.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pressure (part 2?)

The pressure is building up.  The semester started so manageable and it's like suddenly I hit a wall.  My club lost its funding because I didn't go to the budget meeting, my problem set took 3 times as long as I wanted it to, and I'm still writing my proposal for my lab.  Today at work I misplaced decimal points on my measurements 3 times.  For those that are less science inclined, when you're working on an HPLC calibration at a mg scale, that's bad.  Stupid mistakes are compounding because I'm slowly becoming more disorganized.
My solution: sleep and lists.  I've taken to listing out my day.  Every hour I make a to-do.  Where do I have to be?  What needs to be done right now? and by 2:30 I need to be winding my brain down.  I carry my notepad everywhere and make sure I use it.  I make a schedule and stick to it.  Sleep deprivation is the time when you least want to organize, but desperately need it.
I took a half hour and cleaned my room, did my laundry and dishes, and made a list of everything I need to do between now and Saturday.  Seeing my week on paper helped me focus on the fact that while I have a lot to do, if I categorize the tasks it becomes very manageable.
Start with replying to emails, scheduling meetings, and fix my own messes for the week (I did manage to get our funding back).  Then homework, work work, and personal life.
I know this hasn't been the most entertaining week, but I felt like I should give insight on what my life is like.  I spend a lot of my time in front of a graph notebook, textbooks and papers everywhere, with an open jar of Nutella, struggling through a simulation.
As much as I like to organize, my life is not organized right now.
My brass rat is feeling heavy today, and I'm wondering why I'm not a psych major :P
Course X:1, Catherine:0
Round 2 coming soon.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Red Bull

I cracked.  I'm not proud of it, but I did.  I bought Red Bull.
If you know me, then you know that I am very proud of the fact that I have made it 2 years through MIT without caffeine.  Black tea occasionally, but no coffee, no energy drinks.  I've never pulled an all-nighter for work, and I'm always in bed by 1.  Until now.
The work is seeming to pile up on me faster than I can help it.  Grant proposals, problem sets, office hours, my job, studying, clubs, eating, bathing, sleeping.  I put take a shower on my to do list!  That's how busy I am now.
I decided that tonight I'm staying awake until it's done.  I went to the store, got a 4 pack of Red Bull Red Edition (it's cranberry and actually super yummy), and went to town.  I felt like a drug addict buying it.  It's funny that I'm quicker to drink or try hookah with my friends than buy Red Bull, but I was almost ashamed of buying it.  I was incredibly proud of being able to manage my time so I could work on my body's natural cycle. Today is the day I become a real MIT student, I guess.
For the first time in a long time, I'm up past bedtime working.  And quite efficiently I might add.  Working at night, cans of red bull and my brass rat shining in the harsh fluorescent lights, I understand the struggle of the engineer.  We do the shitty work.  We model complex systems, do line after line of mundane code, and learn every subject just well enough to get by.  But I love it.  As I modeled the temperature distribution through the core of a nuclear reactor, I struggled though hours of solving diff eqs, coding MATLAB, and checking and rechecking boundary conditions.  Overall it's taught me one thing: this is what I love.
I've recently been on the fence about Chemical Engineering.  The thought of graduating in 2 years is daunting, and the real world scares me.  But, the fact that I'm willing to take the time to painstakingly correct work on something that's only 2% of my grade reassures me of my choice.
This semester is going to be a ride.  I see a lot more Red Bull in my future, but I feel like it's building up to something great. 

How has work been treating you?  Up late too? 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Been a busy weekend

I know I've been shitty with the posts lately, and I was hoping it wouldn't happen this early in the semester.  Don't worry, I'm cooking up some fun for you guys and I'll be sure to post more on my Facebook frequently  So stop by there for what's going on and I'll be sure to add more here.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pump up music

So music is a pretty big part of my life.  I met my boyfriend because of our music interests, I frequent music festivals and  travel extensively for concerts.  One of the most important parts of my morning is listening to my pump up music.  As soon as I am out of bed I switch on my computer and put on some music.  It helps me get excited for my day, and also wake me up a little.  I usually pick one song a week that is my pump up song that I'll listen to first before I put my computer on random.  So I got to thinking, why these particular songs?  I figured I'd share some of my favourites with you and what I like about them.

This week's song is Royals by Lorde.  I don't know where I've been lately that I'm just joining the Lorde party right now but she's amazing.  Her voice is spot on and this song has a brilliant, simple beat.  If you're not a fan yet, you need to listen to this song and decide if you have a soul or not.

So last week's song was Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke.  Très risqué, but no one can deny it's catchy and  really sticks in your head.  It's vibrant and really gets you instantly energized.  Besides, who wouldn't love starting the morning with "YOU THE HOTTEST BITCH IN THIS PLACE"?  Gotta strut around a little when you listen.

Lastly, when in doubt head to Michael Bublé.  He's my hero, and he's my freebie btw ;) if you're reading this, Michael, I would totally run away with you and be like "Who's Doug?  I don't know him!"
The ultimate pump up music for me.  Love, an awesome beat, his godly voice.  I'm dying a little just writing this.  You can never go wrong.  Call me Irresponsible has been my latest favourite.  Enjoy it, or you are not human.

What do you listen to in the morning? Let me know :)

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Now this post probably won't be entertaining or funny, but I wanted to share some thoughts but not on facebook.  Anywhere but facebook, I don't really feel like having 100 random people yell their opinions at me.  That said though, feel free to comment, I do like hearing other people's opinions as long as they take the time to think before they hit send.
Anyways, I was just thinking about all the "never forget" pictures songs etc going around today as they do every year.  It just doesn't make sense to me.  You see to me it just makes sense to bring life back to normal as quickly and completely as possible.  I see the point of terrorism as to leave a permanent scar on a group of people.   Aren't we doing their work for them by making it a gigantic deal?
Don't get me wrong.  I'm not trying to be insensitive.  I do remember where I was that day, I've seen the gaping hole in New York, and had relatives who were there fortunately running from clouds of dust rather than in the buildings.
But I also remember exactly where I was on Marathon Monday.  I was in Boston.  My friends were on Boylston Street.  I was in the Stata Center an hour before Officer Collier was shot there.  I was locked in my dorm for two days as the police chased the terrorists down my road.
The only thing I wanted all week was for life to go back to normal. I wanted to forget that Boylston Street was closed, that someone was murdered on my campus, and that two idiots could have such an impact on my life.  I did not want to give them the satisfaction of changing my life.  The only thing I could control that week was my own habits, and I worked really hard to maintain a normal day.
I also talked to my friend from Israel about this idea.  Unfortunately, he is somewhat used to this kind of thing and was telling me how they handle it there.  He said the streets are cleaned in a couple hours, they're repopulated, and people carry on.  The point of a terrorist attack is to disturb life, so most
Israelis don't let it change them.
Which brings me to today.  Why do we let it scar us?  9-11 was a tragedy and we should honor the victims, but isn't there a way to honor them without halting our days, and in a way picking at an old wound.
I have nothing to propose here, just wanted to share some thoughts.  I'd love to hear what you think.
Comments are always welcome

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


So I'm starting to feel old at 20.  This came about because I absolutely don't understand Twitter.  Seriously, not at all.  Maybe it's because I don't have the right kind of tourettes to tweet interesting or funny things.  I'm also just not that into internet stalking.  I know everyone says that, but I'm seriously not into it; I couldn't give two shits what you ate for breakfast or who you're in a relationship with and that it's complicated.  I'm bad at computers and really slow at jumping onto social media (ironic since I go to the premier technical school in the world.)
I am however addicted to my smartphone.  I got my lovely little droid my freshman year and we are inseparable.  I've dressed it up all pretty in a zebra case .
Zebra case! Reminds me of the Serengeti 

I've found a few apps that I really like aside from the usual Facebook, Gmail, Hangouts, and stuff like that.  They range in practicality, but I use all of them regularly.

1) I highly recommend having your bank's app.  It's incredibly useful to be able to transfer funds and check your balance on the go.  This will save you some trauma with your friends.

2) Duolingo.  I'm a French minor and this app has saved my butt a few times.  Duolingo is kind of like a lesser, free Rosetta Stone.  You can pick from a variety of languages and link your account to your friends and see who is learning better (my sister and I compete fiercely.)  It's not a bad little app.  The exercises are actually fun, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you are actually studying the language.  It's a supplement, not a replacement.
He's so cute!

3) Google Translate:  In the same vein as Duolingo, but much more practical.  I use it basically as a portable dictionary (my professor even lets me use it in class!)

4) Grubhub: They have an app!!!  Take laziness to the next level, and order delivery on your phone!  
This could be you

5) Zipcar:  First off, if you go to school in a city you should get a Zipcar membership.  It's freakin awesome to have a cheap car to go to target or the grocery store in.  This app lets you unlock the car (like a remote), change your reservations, make a reservation, and call customer service.  For something that is on the go by nature it just makes sense.
so true in Boston.....

So those are some of the apps I use most frequently that aren't social media.  It's good to be prepared.

What do you have on your phone? Let me know :)

Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's begun!

akfhsdlkjafdsbfkbsd classes have started and it's feeling like a sprint rather than a marathon.  I already have tons of work to do and have only been in classes 3 days!  i have no clue how I'm going to manage a full five day week.  It will surely kill me.  What's killing me more is I have a sprained wrist, but I'm typing anyways.  That's how much I love you.
Anyways, through my years of experience I've found a few ways to deal with a shitload of work, and I've decided to pass my knowledge along to you.
Step 1: make a to do list.  I'm talking everyday.  I'm kind of a paper addict, so it helps me to find a notepad I really like and carry it with me everywhere.  Everyday I write down what I have to do that night.  The key is to prioritize.  Only write down what you'll do that night!  Long term things go in your planner, short term things go on your list.  It'll make you more likely to do them.
I'm a fan of this Jonathan Adler Notebook from Lifeguard Press

Step 2: Set le mood.  Like my franglais?  Setting a mood to work is very important.  Whether you need to be pumped to work or relaxed, your room can help you.  I always have candles burning 24/7 (don't tell my landlord).  I get them when they're 2 for 22 at Bath and Body works  Right now I'm loving my Juniper Breeze Candle.  Make sure you have a good playlist going too.  Don't put on depressing music or you'll never work.  This means The Final Cut is so out for me.
Juniper Breeze Candle

Step 3: DO YOUR WORK.  No more excuses. no tv, just do it.  You have to sit down and commit to it.  Once you go for like ten min without distractions, you'll find you can work for hours.  Put sticky notes on problems you absolutely can't do and haul your ass to office hours to get help.  Office hours will seriously save your life.   For the rest you just have to plow through it.  Have your notebook and textbook handy, get off facebook, and get 'er done.
Good luck!

What do you do to get ready to work? Let me know :)

Thursday, September 5, 2013

It's all working out

Literally.  So back in April after the Marathon my friend and I decided we were going to run the Boston 5k to show our Boston pride.  The only problem was she's a cross country runner and the only thing I've ran is away from my siblings after I piss them off.  I decided to go for it anyways.  I used to bike a lot back in New York and the drivers scare me too much here to keep it up.
I like this a lot more than running
  My muscles were starting to yell at me for not using them and I'm generally healthy in terms of my diet so I figured it wouldn't be too hard to run 3 miles.
I decided to start training like how I'd train on a bike; go as fast as you can for as long as you can until your legs give out.  This worked for about a week until I hit a wall.  That wall was called shin splints.

So I iced those until they were gone and developed a new routine for myself.  I've heard of things like Couch to 5k but I'm not really a fan of other people's schedules.
What's working well for me is I run every other day.  Every other day I add a tenth of a mile to my run.  I keep the same pace the whole time (about 7 miles an hour) and slowly work up the distance.  The 7mph is a comfortable run for me, but run whatever pace you like.  To me, I'm just doing this for fun so I'm not going to kill myself over it.  I did invest in a good pair of running shoes though.  It seems stupid, but a good pair of shoes can actually help you not get injured.  I went over to City Sports and had them help me find a pair that was right for me.  Be prepared to spend ~$90.  It's a lot, but well worth the investment.
Overall I feel great!  My back aches less, I sleep better and my legs are so toned!  It's also a great break from classes and homework to go for a run along the river, though lately I've been running in the air conditioned gym because I'm a weenie.
Don't let this bother you.
Everyone looks like the little girl when they run.

How do you stay active?  Are you a beginner runner? Let me know :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

No white after labor day?

So Labor Day has come and gone which means the weather should get nicer and classes are starting.  It's making me a little sad but my opinion doesn't count in these things.  The one thing I've been baffled about lately though has been this rule that you can't wear white after Labor Day.  It seems stupid to me because I've been getting really excited for it to finally be cool enough for me to wear my new white jeans.  I don't 

J. Crew Toothpick Jean
think they're too summery and just didn't understand what people had against white clothes (if anything wouldn't people not like black clothes?).  I decided it was time to investigate.

According to this Mental Floss article the custom started in the late 1800's to differentiate old money and new money women.  Women who were "in the know" knew a set of arbitrary fashion rules that were identifiers of class.  White was considered resort wear (which is why it's abundant in Lilly Pulitzer's designs) and wasn't appropriate for dinner parties etc.  When Labor day became a national holiday, old money socialites made it the final day it was appropriate to wear white.  New money socialites wouldn't have been aware of this rule and would embarrassingly show up to fall events in white and could rightfully be shunned.

These days though, most people ignore the no white after Labor day.  I'm happy about this because I'm so pumped to wear my jeans to lab and spill chemicals on them (#nerd)!  It is good to know that this is just a leftover saying from a dead social hierarchy.  I mean, Coco Chanel was famous for wearing white throughout the year, and she's never wrong.  So go! Be free! And wear your white jeans after Labor day!

What do you think?  To wear white or not to wear white. Let me know :)