Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Now this post probably won't be entertaining or funny, but I wanted to share some thoughts but not on facebook.  Anywhere but facebook, I don't really feel like having 100 random people yell their opinions at me.  That said though, feel free to comment, I do like hearing other people's opinions as long as they take the time to think before they hit send.
Anyways, I was just thinking about all the "never forget" pictures songs etc going around today as they do every year.  It just doesn't make sense to me.  You see to me it just makes sense to bring life back to normal as quickly and completely as possible.  I see the point of terrorism as to leave a permanent scar on a group of people.   Aren't we doing their work for them by making it a gigantic deal?
Don't get me wrong.  I'm not trying to be insensitive.  I do remember where I was that day, I've seen the gaping hole in New York, and had relatives who were there fortunately running from clouds of dust rather than in the buildings.
But I also remember exactly where I was on Marathon Monday.  I was in Boston.  My friends were on Boylston Street.  I was in the Stata Center an hour before Officer Collier was shot there.  I was locked in my dorm for two days as the police chased the terrorists down my road.
The only thing I wanted all week was for life to go back to normal. I wanted to forget that Boylston Street was closed, that someone was murdered on my campus, and that two idiots could have such an impact on my life.  I did not want to give them the satisfaction of changing my life.  The only thing I could control that week was my own habits, and I worked really hard to maintain a normal day.
I also talked to my friend from Israel about this idea.  Unfortunately, he is somewhat used to this kind of thing and was telling me how they handle it there.  He said the streets are cleaned in a couple hours, they're repopulated, and people carry on.  The point of a terrorist attack is to disturb life, so most
Israelis don't let it change them.
Which brings me to today.  Why do we let it scar us?  9-11 was a tragedy and we should honor the victims, but isn't there a way to honor them without halting our days, and in a way picking at an old wound.
I have nothing to propose here, just wanted to share some thoughts.  I'd love to hear what you think.
Comments are always welcome

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