Thursday, September 26, 2013

Being Healthy

So I'm sure you've noticed that a lot of my posts are about stress and time management.  As a student this is pretty much what my life is about.  I try everyday to find a balance between getting work done, sleeping, and seeing my friends.  It helps that I live with most of my friends, but the sleep work balance has been a struggle lately.  I've been getting sick every single night lately for some unknown reason and it's been keeping me from getting any sleep.  I also haven't been able to get work done as well because of it.  It's times like this when I start to wonder how to prioritize classes.  I could sleep, then I won't get work done.  I could work all night, but then I'll probably get sicker.
The answer: talk to professors.  Though it seems otherwise, they are humans.  They get sick, they get tired,and they've been through school too.  The majority of the professors you will have will be reasonable people.   I was able to work with them to develop an alternative schedule for handing work in until I get better.  Right now I'm focusing on getting better.  So yeah, sorry these posts have been crap, but that's been my life lately. 
On an upside I'm watching Tangled right now and it's fantastic :)

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