Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's begun!

akfhsdlkjafdsbfkbsd classes have started and it's feeling like a sprint rather than a marathon.  I already have tons of work to do and have only been in classes 3 days!  i have no clue how I'm going to manage a full five day week.  It will surely kill me.  What's killing me more is I have a sprained wrist, but I'm typing anyways.  That's how much I love you.
Anyways, through my years of experience I've found a few ways to deal with a shitload of work, and I've decided to pass my knowledge along to you.
Step 1: make a to do list.  I'm talking everyday.  I'm kind of a paper addict, so it helps me to find a notepad I really like and carry it with me everywhere.  Everyday I write down what I have to do that night.  The key is to prioritize.  Only write down what you'll do that night!  Long term things go in your planner, short term things go on your list.  It'll make you more likely to do them.
I'm a fan of this Jonathan Adler Notebook from Lifeguard Press

Step 2: Set le mood.  Like my franglais?  Setting a mood to work is very important.  Whether you need to be pumped to work or relaxed, your room can help you.  I always have candles burning 24/7 (don't tell my landlord).  I get them when they're 2 for 22 at Bath and Body works  Right now I'm loving my Juniper Breeze Candle.  Make sure you have a good playlist going too.  Don't put on depressing music or you'll never work.  This means The Final Cut is so out for me.
Juniper Breeze Candle

Step 3: DO YOUR WORK.  No more excuses. no tv, just do it.  You have to sit down and commit to it.  Once you go for like ten min without distractions, you'll find you can work for hours.  Put sticky notes on problems you absolutely can't do and haul your ass to office hours to get help.  Office hours will seriously save your life.   For the rest you just have to plow through it.  Have your notebook and textbook handy, get off facebook, and get 'er done.
Good luck!

What do you do to get ready to work? Let me know :)

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