Saturday, September 28, 2013


My life is over.  My mom and her big mouth told the nice ladies at my local Kate Spade store about the blog.  O. M. G.  So embarrassing, right?  They asked for the address so they could "see local student opinions." I feel like this kid at a Michael Bublé concert.

I am freaked.  No joke.  I'm one of those people that over thinks things all the time.  I'm like what if they hate it, what if they tell everyone it sucks, what if I've blown my chances of ever working with Kate Spade.  My blog is still a baby, I know it, I don't think I'm going to be at the big kids table until I work my way up.  But I don't normally like self-promoting.  Career fairs are nightmares for me and only a handful of my friends even know I have a blog.  When I meet people on the street sometimes I don't even tell them I go to MIT, I just say I go to school in Boston.  I don't like pushing people to like me.  I'm a passive friend maker.  If we click it's good, if we don't I'll move on.  Today though, freaked me out.

But it's a good thing.  This my friends, is networking, and as my mom says "it's good to be scared".
Truth is, the worst that happens is they look at it, shrug, throw away the URL, and move on.  It threw me off big time though that anyone would want to look at any non-engineering work of mine.  I love this space though.  Writing to you really helps me sort out my day and get ready for the next.
I'm ready to step out of my comfort zone.  I've been hiding this blog but I'm ready to really promote it.  HERE I COME WORLD. GET READY FOR A STORM OF MY OPINIONS!

On another note, the girls at Kate Spade were so nice, as usual.  When they found out I was a student they gave me this lovely student card. (Go ask for one!)

It's good for 15% off with a student ID as long as there isn't already a sale.  Cool beans right?  I thought so.
Aside from that there was a SALE TODAY!  20% off :)  Who doesn't love discounts?  I can never say no, though today my late paycheck said no for me....
Get ready for some new energy cause I'm ready to go!

Are you in love with your local Kate store?  Trouble networking? Love networking?  Let me know :)

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