Tuesday, September 3, 2013

No white after labor day?

So Labor Day has come and gone which means the weather should get nicer and classes are starting.  It's making me a little sad but my opinion doesn't count in these things.  The one thing I've been baffled about lately though has been this rule that you can't wear white after Labor Day.  It seems stupid to me because I've been getting really excited for it to finally be cool enough for me to wear my new white jeans.  I don't 

J. Crew Toothpick Jean
think they're too summery and just didn't understand what people had against white clothes (if anything wouldn't people not like black clothes?).  I decided it was time to investigate.

According to this Mental Floss article the custom started in the late 1800's to differentiate old money and new money women.  Women who were "in the know" knew a set of arbitrary fashion rules that were identifiers of class.  White was considered resort wear (which is why it's abundant in Lilly Pulitzer's designs) and wasn't appropriate for dinner parties etc.  When Labor day became a national holiday, old money socialites made it the final day it was appropriate to wear white.  New money socialites wouldn't have been aware of this rule and would embarrassingly show up to fall events in white and could rightfully be shunned.

These days though, most people ignore the no white after Labor day.  I'm happy about this because I'm so pumped to wear my jeans to lab and spill chemicals on them (#nerd)!  It is good to know that this is just a leftover saying from a dead social hierarchy.  I mean, Coco Chanel was famous for wearing white throughout the year, and she's never wrong.  So go! Be free! And wear your white jeans after Labor day!

What do you think?  To wear white or not to wear white. Let me know :)

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