Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Pressure (part 2?)

The pressure is building up.  The semester started so manageable and it's like suddenly I hit a wall.  My club lost its funding because I didn't go to the budget meeting, my problem set took 3 times as long as I wanted it to, and I'm still writing my proposal for my lab.  Today at work I misplaced decimal points on my measurements 3 times.  For those that are less science inclined, when you're working on an HPLC calibration at a mg scale, that's bad.  Stupid mistakes are compounding because I'm slowly becoming more disorganized.
My solution: sleep and lists.  I've taken to listing out my day.  Every hour I make a to-do.  Where do I have to be?  What needs to be done right now? and by 2:30 I need to be winding my brain down.  I carry my notepad everywhere and make sure I use it.  I make a schedule and stick to it.  Sleep deprivation is the time when you least want to organize, but desperately need it.
I took a half hour and cleaned my room, did my laundry and dishes, and made a list of everything I need to do between now and Saturday.  Seeing my week on paper helped me focus on the fact that while I have a lot to do, if I categorize the tasks it becomes very manageable.
Start with replying to emails, scheduling meetings, and fix my own messes for the week (I did manage to get our funding back).  Then homework, work work, and personal life.
I know this hasn't been the most entertaining week, but I felt like I should give insight on what my life is like.  I spend a lot of my time in front of a graph notebook, textbooks and papers everywhere, with an open jar of Nutella, struggling through a simulation.
As much as I like to organize, my life is not organized right now.
My brass rat is feeling heavy today, and I'm wondering why I'm not a psych major :P
Course X:1, Catherine:0
Round 2 coming soon.

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