Sunday, September 22, 2013

Take a deep breath.

Throughout my life I've been learning how to deal with it when things don't go the way I want.  Sometimes it's small, like I have to change dinner plans, and sometimes it's big.  Tonight it was big.  I was sitting in the airport back home after an awesome surprise trip to my parents' house (pics coming soon!), when 5 min before I was boarding my flight got canceled.  Then every United Airlines flight was canceled.  Then we were herded into a single file line (all 100 of us) and told to rebook our tickets one at a time at the counter.  At first I panicked. I immediately thought about the classes I was going to miss tomorrow, the food poisoning I'm still dealing with, and the late cab ride to a foodless messy dorm.
Then I took a deep breath.
Yes I'm a weirdo but I do yoga in my mind.  I just picture myself being like this lady.
It's strangely calming
I sat down right in the line (I was like 20th in line) and took out my laptop, and searched Kayak for every flight out of Syracuse to Boston.  Found one on Jetblue, booked it, signed up for miles, and relaxed while I waited my turn to cancel my flight completely.
While I could take the time to bitch and moan about how shitty United Airways is, I'll spare you.  The message of the day is breathe.  My life has been getting super stressful lately as I've been taking on more and more responsibility and trying to be more self sufficient. Through this I've learned to calm down.  Caffeine or alcohol while you're stressed will make you more stressed, and sometimes you do just need to give up and sleep.  Sometimes you can't moan and groan about your situation, you need to take a second, assess it, and act.  I was the only person in line on my laptop rebooking for myself.  I know they all had laptops, but they'd rather bitch and complain than help themselves.  It's easy to self pity, but it's really hard to calm down and fix your messes, no matter who caused them.
Right now I'm sitting in JFK, ready to get on a flight to Boston, and I'll only be an hour later than planned.  No problem.
I still have to deal with stupid United for a refund, but that's a battle for another day.
How do you react when things change unexpectedly? Tips on calming down? Let me know :)

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