Friday, September 20, 2013

Turning leaves

Fall is a tough time for me clothing wise.  I grew up in New York and am very used to cold weather, and I love love love bright colors.  Going into deep purples, browns, and dark reds is a hard choice for me.  Also I don't even notice the weather getting colder until it hits like 55 degF, which isn't until October here.
Enter my mad dash through J. Crew et al.  My key, is layering.  I love taking my flowery summer shirts and layering them under a fall sweater.
J. Crew Sweater
I'm a fan of this sweater from J. Crew.  It's lightweight and loose, so perfect for layering.  The deeper V neck will show just a pop of color, while still keeping it cool for fall.  Basically, I'm just waiting to get paid to buy this.

My second go-to is Bean Boots.
8" Bean Boots
The 8" option is the one I have.  I really like to be able to tuck my jeans into them .
See?  Perfect fit
Perfect for colder weather (I'd wear wool socks with them)  or warmer with normal socks.  They're comfy once you wear the leather in and hold up better than anything else I know for mud, rain, even a little snow.  Ok the last one is only a fall occurrence back in Syracuse, but one can hope.  They also just scream fall to me.  Getting ready to go apple picking, walking through muddy leaves, seeing my baby boy Chippy running through the yard.
Have I introduced you to booboo yet?
 In short, I'm ready for fall.  I'm ready for snow, cold, sweaters, and even to dive into school.  Weird right?  But I'm super pumped for this semester.  It's already stressful, but I think it'll have good things in store.

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