Sunday, September 29, 2013

Vacationing back home

I mentioned a week ago that I went to my parents' house for a weekend to see everyone.  I told you about my flight drama, but not about my fantastic trip.  This is basically when I brag about my trip to you guys.
It was so nice to see my family again, especially my baby Chippy!
How can I not miss him???
Baby cried when I walked  in the door he missed me so much.  The other best part was that my mom didn't know I was coming home.  When I walked in the door she thought she was hallucinating!  It was definitely a jolt not being in a city anymore.  My parents and I went out to breakfast and when I told the waitress I wanted tea, she walked away and got me Lipton without asking me which kind I wanted!  Out there in the woods they don't have passion fruit oolong tea. You're lucky to get hot tea at all.  (Yes I'm from that rural a place)  My parents told me I act like Lydia from Breaking Bad.
"Do you have Stevia?  I brought my own"
Not sure how I'll do once I graduate and get out of Boston.  It'll take some adjusting to get used to living in the suburbs.
Best part of the weekend was definitely apple picking.  Being from Upstate New York, you develop incredibly high standards for how apples should be.  My parents always send me a huge box of apples fresh off the tree each fall (this year I got 20lbs! holy shit)

  It sure was nice to get to pick them myself again.  Definitely brought back memories of when my mom had us pick them for hours like migrant workers so she could make pies and crisps for all our teachers.  My mom was Ohio-nice, so she was a slave driver to us to do nice things for teachers/ friends/ neighbors.
Overall it was a good weekend, but it is nice to be back in civilization!

Do you like apples?  I got her number, how do you like dem apples? ;)

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