Sunday, September 29, 2013

Work Shoes

I was looking at my shoes the other day (ok every day) and realized that I don't own any black heels.  Tragedy right?  I own some black satin sandals (back from prom..) but nothing I would call professional.  
I've been on the hunt for new shoes now.  It's been tricky.  I want some that are comfortable enough that I can be confident in a job interview, but still say "yeah I love picking what to wear and take time to look good".  Peep toes are so out for me.  I've broken my toes so many times they look weird, and also I work in chemical labs so closed toes is not optional most days.  Besides, something about a sleek closed toed black shoe just screams I know what I'm doing.
I went to my go-tos, and here are the three I'm currently looking at.

Kate Spade || J. Crew || Ivanka Trump

I really like all of these.  My favourite is the Kate Spade one, the bow adds a nice detail that keeps the shoe from being too simple.  I really like having a pop of something unexpected, but not too gaudy.  Price-wise though I may need to go with the Ivanka Trumps, but we'll see if my new Kate Spade student card can help me out ;)  I'm really just glad to have an excuse to buy new shoes.

What do you wear to work?  Got a favourite black shoe?  Let me know :)

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