Friday, October 25, 2013

Current Loves

As I've said before, my love is fleeting.  It seems like a good time to update my Current Loves and introduce you to my latest obsessions that I use as crutches during the week.

2 Broke Girls:  Now that Breaking Bad is over I need something to fill my braindead times and this is quickly becoming my new favourite.   I've been with this show since the beginning actually and I really like the direction it's gone in.  Now that the girls have a more stable work situation the writers are more free to give Max witty one liners and show off Caroline's Wharton skills.  Rather than asking myself each week "I wonder if the shop will close" I've been asking "I wonder what crazy marketing scheme they'll come up with next" which is always a better way to start an episode.  Here's to another great season!

Warby Parker:  They made my list last time, but I didn't actually own their glasses yet.  I've had the Baxter pair for about two weeks now and I only take them off to sleep!  They're so comfortable, it's nice to go the whole long day I have without my eyes drying out.  They're also adorable!  I've gotten so many compliments from my friends and random strangers.  Nothing like a random gay guy on the street telling you he loves your glasses.  That's when you know you're a winner.

Reeses Peanut Butter Pumpkins:  So my secret (not really)  ultimate joy in life is Reeses Peanut Butter Eggs that they sell during Easter.  I'll buy no joke like 10-20 bags of them.  Frozen Reeses is the best thing on Earth and I love them so much that Doug has actually taken to buying Reeses Eggs in April, freezing them, and giving them to me for Christmas (which is totally awesome).  The pumpkins are almost as good, but the peanut butter-chocolate ratio is a tad off.  They'll work for now though.  That'll do pig, that'll do.

Green Tea:  I'm not too good at handling caffeine, so tea is a must.  This green tea has been a life saver.  There's nothing better than having something warm to drink right after you wake up.  Green tea is also supposed help promote long life.

Tangled:  Guys, this might be the next Aladdin.  I LOVE this movie and may or may not watch it on repeat occasionally.  See my review of it if you aren't convinced it's amazing.

Jenna Marbles:  I don't know if it's because I need something mindless on when I'm working or whatever but I freakin love her videos.  I've seen all of them.  I especially like her Miley Cyrus video.  Dude also don't even get me started on Miley Cyrus, but I do love the parodies she's inspired.

What are your loves lately?  Let me know ;)

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