Thursday, October 3, 2013

What's in my bag?

So a lot of the blogs I've been reading have really been championing the Kate Spade Beau Bag.  I am in love, honestly.  However, for me at the moment it's not very practical.  I'm a student, as much as I hate to have it define my style, sometimes it has to. I bike to class, sometimes it rains, sometimes I'm in a rush, and sometimes I have a lot of crap and don't want to kill my back.
My go to is my backpack.  It's waterproof, comfy, spacious, everything a NYC apartment isn't.  I'm a fan of the Four Wheel Jive (aweeesommmee name) backpack from EMS.

Four Wheel Jive

Mine isn't blue, I got a fugly mustard yellow one.  Sometimes ugly things call to me, not gonna lie.  I've had it for three years, no one else has one and I can always find it.  It's never failed me.  So I was thinking, why do the "what's in my purse" blogs I love so much have to be restricted to pretty bags?  I SAY NO!  I say I'm going to tell you about all the crap I throw in my bag whether you like it or not!
So here goes :)
Agenda || Wallet ||Travel Size Hand Lotion || Travel Size Kleenex || Hand Sanitizer || Travel BandAids || My favourite pens
Burt's Bees || Flash Drive || Fresh Scented Gum || Lipstick || Highlighters || Trail Mix || Hair Ties

Some highlights,  I ALWAYS keep Burts Bees, a hair tie, hand sanitizer and pens in my bag no matter what.  These never leave my bag, and in my opinion are necessities (I keep these in every bag I own).   As someone who works in a lab, hair ties are always on my person.  I also bring multiple pens everywhere because it sucks when one craps out on you when you need it.
  Everything else is kind of particular to me going to classes (like having snacks all day so I don't get hungry and eat someone) and things I accumulate in my bag as I become an old lady.

I adore "what's in your bag?" posts.  Any excuse to hoard things.  Send me yours :)

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