Friday, November 1, 2013

Clarisonic Review

I bit the bullet and bought a Clarisonic Mia 2.  I had been finding that if I didn't take my makeup off right when I got home at 4 it would really start to sink into my face and clog my pores.  Getting it out was becoming a chore that was turning my face into a desert.  Dry skin leads to more oil production leads to more acne. Ick.  I was going to buy a knock off Clarisonic from Olay or get a Neutrogena Wave, but I decided to see what all the hype was about the Clarisonic and just went for it.  I'm using it twice a day (in the morning and before I sleep)  with my own face wash.  In my eyes, one try isn't enough to give you a comprehensive review, so here's seven thoughts from my first seven days with the Clarisonic Mia 2.  

Day 1: The brush is so gentle!  My face feels so clean without the harsh scrubbing.  My pores are cleaned out but they seem more exposed because they're empty.  At least they aren't filled with dirt right?
Day 2: Geeze my pores are huge! But they're so clean!  A lot of my little whiteheads are completely gone and my skin is so smooth after just one day!
Day 3: My pores are finally smaller!  But wow, if you pick at your skin Mia definitely punishes you for it.  I have a couple bright red spots on my face now.  New rule: hands off!
Day 4:  It seems to work better if you put the facewash on your face (it puts the lotion on its skin!), not the brush, and don't wet the brush before you use it.
Day 5: Wow my skin is so smooth!  My cheeks used to be really red but now the whole tone of my face is more even.  Most of my trouble spots on my chin and forehead are calming down too.  Today I started wearing just my foundation without the heavier color evening primer and it looks pretty good!
Day 6:   My face is almost completely cleared up and I've stopped using acne cream.  I don't think my face has been this soft since I was 12.  Even with the weather getting cold and dry my face is barely flaking like it normally does.
Day 7: All that's left on my face is the remnants of really bad old acne.  No new blemishes have popped up since I started using the Clarisonic and the old ones are going away fast!  My face routine is down to just face wash with the Clarisonic and some moisturizer.  Big time and money saver!

Overall:  Worth every penny!  I think this will save me money in the long run on acne creams, concealer, and primer.  I'm wearing less makeup and my face looks fantastic!  I HIGHLY recommend you buy one of these if you've been on the fence.  The price is steep, but it makes a world of difference.  My skin is clearer and much healthier.  I'm even starting to feel confident enough to walk around without makeup.  It's that good!

Are you a Clarisonic convert?  Any questions about my review?  Let me know ;)

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