Friday, November 15, 2013

House Envy

Living in a dorm I've started to realise that I took a lot of things for granted when I lived with my parents.  Aside from the whole, you know, having someone take care of you, the biggest thing has been having a house that's mine.  My kitchen faucet broke today and started shooting water everywhere and I actually started to cry.  Like, sat down and cried because I was so frustrated with living in a shitty dorm.  The heat breaks, the bathroom is dirty, the kitchen sink leaks and we have mice.  As far as dorms go it honestly isn't that bad, but I am counting down the days until I have a place of my own.
This is as close to decorating as I get these days

Aside from day to day mechanics of the house never failing, the thing I'm looking forward to most is being able to decorate.  It's hard to decorate a brick walled dorm room without it looking cluttered.
So I was kind of a weird kid, but I've always LOVED Pottery Barn.  When other 12 year olds were begging for video games or dolls or whatever 12 year olds like, I was begging for a Pottery Barn duvet cover.  I don't know how long I begged my mom before she got it for me, and for months I wouldn't let anyone sit on my bed because I was so anal about keeping it clean.
I actually found a picture of the one I had!  Unfortunately it's at my parents' house because I'm now sleeping on a luxurious Twin XL dorm bed.
Anyways, I've been having some serious house envy these days and have not been able to get off my "Home is where my heart (and junk) is" Pinterest board.  To tide myself over for a while I've been designing rooms of my "future house" on Polyvore (totally cool website I just discovered because I'm always fashionably late to these parties).  
Here is a bedroom design I've been ogling over lately.
Duvet || Vase || Curtains || Lamps || Bedside Table || Persian Rug
I can't wait to have space and money.
A few notes on the items I've picked:  I love duvet covers!  It's pretty covers without the commitment.  You get a really fluffy warm comforter as a base, then change the duvet whenever the mood strikes!  Perfect for me because I'm kind (very) fickle.  I'm also kinda wild about the glass table.  Maybe it's because my siblings and I were destructive kids (read: Malcolm in the Middle style crazy) so we never had anything glass in our house.  It's so shiny and sleek I really am in love with it.  Finally I know the persian-style rug seems a little out of place, but I really like them.  My grandparents are from Iraq and my grandmother had a lot of Persian rugs in her house (my sister and I were convinced that at least one of them could fly) so they've always had a special place in my heart.
I'm really enjoying getting used to Polyvore, it's a pretty cool site I think I'll be procrastinating a lot on ;)
Also in case you missed out, I have a Youtube channel now! I'm very excited about it and am seeing it as a fresh canvas for interacting with all of you so feel free to comment anything you'd like to see go up there!  I've got some awesome things cooking up that I can't wait to share with you!

Anyone else out there with house envy?  Have a house of your own?  Comment me some links to how you decorate your place! ;)

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