Monday, November 4, 2013

J Crew Haul

Popped over to J Crew a couple weeks ago for their Columbus Day sale and FINALLY got a Stretch Perfect Shirt.  I'd been really wanting one for a long time but let's just say I'm a little... disproportionate when it comes to buying shirts.  I decided I wasn't going to leave without one though.  After pulling every size of shirt into the dressing room and asking the opinion of the fitting room attendant over and over again I was surprised to learn I was an extra small.  WHAT?  Extra small?  I've never been an extra anything in my life!  It's true though.  The fitting room attendant had some wonderful advice when it comes to dress shirts.  She told me to always fit them to my shoulders because that's the hardest part to tailor.  If it fits your shoulders, it'll fit your waist and then you can deal with the rest.  
Excuse the lack of makeup, but yeah, pretty bad

That almost seemed like a lie though, because you could absolutely see through the gaps in the shirt from my genetic lottery win.  But I found a quick fix online.
I bought these small Sew on Snaps and carefully sewed them in between the buttons of the shirt.

Voila! No more gaps and I now have a beautiful fitted button down.  It's not my best sewing accomplishment (I'm more of a cook), but whatever, it got the job done.
Definitely needs ironing, but the slight stretch is definitely better than the gaps!
I'm really excited to put the miles on this one.  It's a stretch shirt, so the more I wear it the less the obvious the pull marks will be.  I got the light blue so I could wear it with jeans, or a nice pencil skirt.  Instant class!  

Ever have trouble fitting into clothes?  How do you take action?  Let me know ;)


  1. Oh wow those snaps really made such a difference! The shirt looks great on you!


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