Monday, November 18, 2013

Outfit inspirations

So I've recently discovered Polyvore which has been exciting for me, and also should be exciting for you because it means I can share my outfits more easily without you having to look at my horrible Photoshop skills.
One of my biggest problems concerning somewhat formal-ish wear for me is cash (isn't it everyone's problem?)  So it's really important to me to have a few key pieces that are pretty versatile and that I can wear over and over without worrying that people will notice that I've worn the dress before.  I was recently at an initiation banquet for a friend's fraternity and had a little trouble picking what to wear.  I had to look nice (duh!) but it wasn't that formal an event.  Here was my solution:

You can check out the outfit here
The dress shown above is from French Connection, which I really love but honestly can't afford.  I found a really cute look alike sweater dress at H&M a while ago that is perfect!  I paired it with some fun sheer leopard tights I found at Target for around $5.  My pearls are from my grandmother and the shoes I got on sale during Black Friday last year ($40!!!)
The dress has been super easy to take care of, and with different tights, shoes and a belt, it's a new outfit!
It may seem boring, but I've been a huge fan of tans and browns this season.  There's something kind of chic yet calming about the color.   From sweaters to dresses I've been putting a lot of beige in my wardrobe lately.

What have you been wearing lately?  Let me know ;)

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