Monday, January 6, 2014

Future Catherine Can Deal With It

Patience is definitely a virtue I do not possess.  I open Christmas presents early, sign up for classes the minute I can and sometimes watch TV in reverse order so I know the end.  It's because of this that days like today really drive me up the wall.  I'm taking a class over January break to get some credit I need for engineering.  They're offering 2 classes: one with a final that goes to the 30th, and one without a final that goes to the 17th.  Guess who got thrown out of the easy class this morning on the first day after putting in a request to stay in the class a week ago.  This girl.  Yup I'm so lucky.  I'm now taking a statistics in experimentation class for credit with a final exam, final project, and later end date.
This did have a silver lining.  I had a total of five minutes to decide whether or not to drop the class as I walked down the hall to my new lecture.  During that five minutes I weighed my options of working, screwing around, or receiving a credit I need this month.  Working 40hrs a week would make me close to a grand (a lot for my MIT minimum wage job) and I'd have more money to spend this summer.  I could do absolutely nothing and party with my friends while I don't have class.  Or I could suck it up, take the class, and let future Catherine be happy.
I chose the last option, because I figured future Catherine needs a serious break.  You see, I always pawn my crap onto future Catherine.  She can do the dishes, worry about running out of clean underwear, rent a car to New York, and study for exams.  If I had a penny for every time I wanted a time machine to go punch myself in the face, I'd have enough money to do the research and build the damn thing.
The way I see it, since I'm 20 now I have two options:  I can make bad choices that can screw up my life on a brand new scale, or I can make good choices that make my life a tiny bit better in the future.  I guess I have to go with thinking towards the future.  This is the most difficult thing for me to do and kind of seems insane in my eyes.  What do you mean I can't go out every night with my friends and get dim sum and drink until 2am?  On my break I have to get up at 7am to go to a class I hate and do homework just like the semester?  Yes, stupid, you have to.  Why?  Because when my senior self is kicking back with a beer and no problem sets and is done with her degree, she will build a time machine to thank me (and probably punch me for something else).
I learned something about patience today.  While I'm still not patient enough to cook food all the way through or comb my hair most mornings,  I learned that patience can also mean waiting for smart choices to pay off.  Hopefully, they pay off with interest.

Remember what my good friend Britney says: "You wanna live in a big mansion, party in France?  You better work bitch."

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