Saturday, January 25, 2014

Roooaaad Trip

ROAD TRIP ROAD TRIP.  Ok so maybe not a huge road trip, but last weekend Mackenzie and I packed up to visit my parents in New York.  Sometimes you just need to get out of the city and spend time in the quiet woods.  It was quite relaxing.  For one, I love driving.  As long as I'm in the driver's seat I could go all day.  
I'm slightly addicted to McDonalds french fries
One McDonalds stop and 4 hours up Route 90 later we were in beautiful (lol jk) Manlius.  Ah the abandoned factories and closed malls really spoke to me.  So good to be home.  
Ok so maybe I wasn't missing Manlius itself, but seeing my puppy and sleeping in a larger bed was really nice.
Mackenzie met Chippy
We also got to go target shoot with my dad

How fun is that?  It was a great break from dorm life.


  1. I can't be certain, but that looks like a 1911?

    1. Bravo! That was an STI Trojan 9mm Mac and I were shooting. The rifle was a mini-14. We had fun :)

    2. Very nice, the 1911 is my favorite platform! I've only ever fired a S&W 1911 in .45 ACP but I've always wanted to shoot a 9 mm version; much more reasonably price ammo. I'm a little jealous.