Thursday, February 20, 2014

A love story

I'd like to tell you all a love story.  
Ten years ago there was a nerdy girl who met a nerdy boy in the 6th grade.  He was a dork, both his parents were professors, and the only thing the poor kid had to stand out was to show off his brains.  She was a smart shy kid, and at that point so done with public middle school that she rarely talked.  They hated each other.  When other kids would joke that they should go out, they would reaffirm their hatred to everyone who would listen.
As thew grew up they grew into their nerdy skins.  High school with its AP classes was kind to them, and they eventually both joined the science team.  It was there that they finally started talking and soon they found they had a lot in common.  They would stay up all night talking about the bands they like, movies they'd seen and the classes they were both in.  At 15 and 16 they weren't quick to admit anything they did together was a date until the day they went to the movies alone followed by snickers from their parents.  Of course, as they "weren't dating", they never saw a date movie, instead opting for James Bond and various war movies.  They were both so shy, they weren't even Facebook official until a girl in their history class told the whole school they were dating.
They went through everything together. Prom, science competitions, and then graduation.  Graduation was scariest of all when he had to move to Cornell and she moved to M.I.T.
Somehow by luck and through tears and hard work, they managed to make it through school 300 miles apart.
And last week, Doug asked me to marry him.
If I told 12 year old me that one day I would marry "egg-head Douglas" as I used to call him, I would slap me and cry.  If I told 15 year old me I was marrying Doug, I'd say fat chance I'd marry my first boyfriend.  If I told 18 year old me, I'd be amazed we made it long distance and finally, 20 year old me is ecstatic.
Doug is the love of my life, and truly my other half.  I can't imagine my life without him.  The past six years have been amazing, and I know the rest of our lives will be even better.
Us at 16 and 17 at prom

Our engagement photo :)

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  1. Congratulations! How exciting, and what a precious love story!