Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Boobie Baskets

If I had to name one thing that has made me the most self-conscious, it would be my breasts.  I'm not sure if it's a blessing or a curse (guess it depends on who you ask), but they are ginormous.   Ever since 8th grade I was scared that they'd be the first thing people notice about me, and that they would give off a sluttier impression of me than I ever wanted.  In middle and high school I used to deal with this by wearing a lot of t-shirts, preferring to look square shaped than like a bimbo.  In college though, I decided I should start wearing clothes that actually fit me because despite my boobs, the rest of me is actually pretty skinny.  The result was that I looked like a freakin Barbie doll.
Buying shirts and dresses that fit became a complete nightmare, and don't even talk to me about swim suits (most of my summer hobbies no longer include water)
To every girl that wishes they had bigger boobs, know that I would trade mine with you in a heartbeat.  They hurt my back, stretch my shirts, and almost smack my face when I run.  I'd been so annoyed by them that I was seriously contemplating a breast reduction to bring me down to single letter cup sizes.
As a last ditch resort before surgery, I decided to go into one of those lingerie shops that isn't Vicky's and only sells really nice bras and panties.
I went into Every Body Bras in Fayetteville, near where I grew up in New York.  It was a quiet, calm shop with some very nice and inviting ladies (including the owner) jumping out of their seats to help.  I was measured, looked over and helped with picking bras for my needs.  They helped me try them on, showing me how they should fit and where the straps should rest. I learned that the way Victoria's Secret measured me, I was a cup size too small and a band size too big.  Who knew?
I ended up buying 5 bras, 4 regular and 1 sports bra, totalling around $400.  It was an investment, but remember I was getting desperate.  I have to say I am very, very impressed with the changes I've seen!  I don't bounce even when I run, my back feels better and drum roll please, they look smaller!  It's a complete dream come true for me.  I'd have never guessed that something so simple could make such a difference in my life.  The best purchase was by far the sports bra.  I'm able to run in better form and for longer now that I have a good bra that fits.

I am officially a lingerie convert, and will only be buying my bras in local specialty shops.

If you're interesting in the brand I bought, Panache is a good place to start.  They made my normal bras and sports bra, and are only for D-K cup sizes.

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