Friday, March 28, 2014

Dog Days of Winter

One of the things I don't regret about how I've gone through school is going home for spring break.  Let's face it, I'm broke.  I absolutely do not have the money to go to Cancun or Jamaica or Florida for a week.  Besides, Doug and I don't normally have the same break, so I don't see a point of going without him.  We spend all our vacation cash during the summer so I usually just go to Syracuse for "spring break".
This time I was in for kind of a rude surprise.  I left spring in Boston to go back to winter in Syracuse.  I drove up 90 into disgusting, crystallized, muddy snow and was really disappointed.  I was planning on a week of running in the park with my dog and sitting outside drinking beer.  55-60 degrees F is my comfort zone for outside in the spring.
Instead I'm stuck inside with 38deg freezing rain and mud.  It's really nasty and not really a mood lifter.  On top of that, being stuck at home with no friends and my siblings at school has been really boring.  I have had fun taking my baby out for a walk.  It's really nice to get some fresh air and seeing him so happy makes me smile so much.  I really miss Chip when I'm in Boston so I've been spending as much time with him as I can.

He took every opportunity to run through the mud and creek and puddles until he was a brown mess, but it was so worth it.
He's such a good boy!

What an adorable puffball!  I love him to death.  It's like I tell Doug, the only reason we get married is because dogs don't stay in our lives nearly long enough.  Who wouldn't want to be with this guy forever?  So lovable!

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