Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ok so now I'm growing up....

Sometimes I get in a bad habit of really working myself up about stupid things.  This week's drama is my crisis of having to be an adult soon.  I still have a year to go, but it'll come fast and I know it.   Besides, I'm a planner.  I plan things out waaaayyy ahead of time.
 As I've been struggling to find work for this summer I've started to become concerned about finding a full time job.  While I know if I sit back and wait the universe will provide, I've still been sweating about one thing.  Where the hell am I going to live?
You see, it's been a weird journey for me.  I grew up out in the boonies of New York on the edge of a state park.  Ten of the easiest, suckiest, and most influential years of my life were spent in a small town where the most exciting thing my friends and I did was push a car through the Burger King drive-through before we went to hang out at the grocery store.  Life was simple and quiet, with the biggest scandals being the dirty dancing at homecoming and the kids who broke into the school on weekends to steal milk cartons.
Then I moved to Boston.  The speed of my life picked up and almost every free weekend was a different story.  My culinary tastes expanded past Friday Fish Fry and Pavone's Pizza and into Fogo de Chao, Atlantic Fish, and Sunday brunches.  With paychecks came Kate Spade and Tiffany's as Boston became a way for me to redefine myself.  
I've eaten at more restaurants than I can remember the names of, and dropped more cash on Newbury Street than I'd ever care to think about.  I've listened to the crowds across the river cheer during the World Series, walked the Back Bay during St. Patty's day, and run along a Santa Con.  I celebrate Patriot's Day, but I know it's really only one day in the warm alcoholic Boston-fest known as Marathon Weekend.
I've began to really consider Boston my home.  This year I started calling the place in Manlius "my parents'  house" while saying I live in Cambridge.  I'd have a hard time leaving, and I'm beginning to think at least in the foreseeable future I won't be leaving.

 How about you?  Any students relocated permanently to their college town? 

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