Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tennis Shoes

If you know me, you know I am VERY picky about clothes.  I might even go so far to say I'm kind of a fashion Nazi with my rules sometimes.  I never wear leggings without a really long shirt (they're not pants!), I rarely leave the house without makeup on and one of my biggest rules has been about shoes.  Tennis shoes are for working out, not wearing in public.  I have a wide collection of Bean Boots, flats, riding boots and heels to wear to class/work.
Lately though, I've been breaking that rule.  I am very ashamed, but I'm starting to see a new light.
With the Boston 5k (my first race ever) closing in fast, I've been hitting the gym as often as I can.  Since shoving my shoes into my bag has been proving tedious, I've began to wear them during the day.  This is completely redefining my world.  I've always seen tennis shoes as equipment.  They're part of gear I need for my hobbies, like my bike or my shotgun.  I don't wear my shooting vest around during the day, so why would I wear tennis shoes around?
What was born from necessity has become something I look forward to in my week.  The bright pink really pops against dark jeans, and has added a casual spring essence to my outfits.  It is also nice to not think about scuffing my boots constantly.

Being me though, I have instituted a few rules for myself.  I won't wear sneakers without makeup on, or with a sweatshirt.  I'm pretty afraid of looking like a slob.  Call it a bitch attitude or a complex about being feminine in engineering, but either way, those are rules for me now.

How about you?  Wearing sneakers? OCD enough to have clothes rules?
Also, I'm interested, do you guys call them sneakers or tennis shoes?  Being from NY with Ohio parents, I say both...

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