Sunday, March 2, 2014

Water water everywhere

One of my 101 in 1001 things to do was drink an appropriate amount of water throughout the day for an entire week.  I figure that once I made it a whole week, it would become a habit and I would be hydrated all the time.  There is a lot of incentive to doing this, such as reducing stress headaches and improving mood (things I'm very interested in)
January I really dropped the ball and only remembered to bring water with me like once.  I had an old Sigg bottle that was heavy, dented, and hard to clean.
Last month I decided enough was enough and I got a Camelbak bottle.  My sister has kind of a problem with water bottles, meaning she buys too many.  She buys water bottles like some buy crack.  She has been living by her 3 Camelbak bottles lately though, so on a trip to Target I decided why not.
I grabbed the Eddy .75L bottle in hot pink and I haven't put it down.
You can buy it here
I've been really impressed.  It's such a sleek, lightweight bottle that I don't mind throwing it in my bag everyday/  It's also REALLY easy to clean.  The bottle comes completely apart, even the little mouthpiece at the top comes off the cap so you can just wipe it off and be done.  I find myself filling it 3 times during classes, which is around right on track.  I've been feeling more energized and a little calmer since I started drinking more water.
Who knew something so simple like a lighter water bottle could make such a big difference?  I hope you join me in making steps to a healthier life as well! 

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