Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Marathon Weekend

It's hard to think that only a year ago everyone in Boston was still numb with the confusion and disbelief of what had happened.  With conflicting feelings of pride and wishing to run away, I decided to stay in Boston for this weekend.  I am so glad I did.
I experienced a city banding together to support runners, survivors and themselves in a display of what it truly means to be Boston Strong.  My weekend started on Saturday with the Boston 5K.  My friends and I descended on the Commons into what I can only describe as a carnival for healthy people.  Runners were everywhere, enjoying free power bars and Gatorade from the Runner's Expo.  The atmosphere was welcoming and exciting as amatuer and marathon runners alike were greeted with smiles and encouragement.

We took our place among the 10,000 runners all bouncing with anticipation for the starting gun.
Back at the 9:00 min/mile starting line, the air was anything but competitive as runners met each other and shared excitement in being part of the weekend.  
Running through the streets of Boston was amazing and I never thought I'd run down Boylston Street without getting hit by a car.  Kira and I nearly cried as we crossed the Marathon finish line (the halfway point for our race).  It was more overwhelming than I ever thought, but also gave me the most closure I've had in a while.  As we crossed our finish line everyone high-fived each other and gave rounds of congratulations.
Monday was a continuation and ramp-up of the excitement.  After going through the equivalent of airport security to get onto Newbury St, we joined thousands of onlookers to cheer runners on as they crossed the finish.  As I high-fived runners I felt like a fan touching the hands of the Beatles.  The runners along with the cops on the street became my heroes for the day as we screamed encouragement and praise to everyone who ran by.  As amputees from last year crossed the finish line I knew I wasn't the only one nearly in tears from the strength they showed.
The pride I felt watching the MIT team cross the finish line was immense.
I can honestly say I have never been more proud to be an MIT student and a Bostonian than I was on Monday.  The love and support that filled the city was immense as everyone involved was treated like a hero.  Applause broke out in the street for every runner who walked by in their jacket, and I hugged dozens of police officers.
I feel like our city can finally put last year behind us and be assured that our scars will heal.  We will continue to the city that will always run as one as we go forward into Boston's next chapter.
Congratulations to all the runners.  Boston will always be grateful for your strength.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Boston Strong

I'm sick in bed with the flu today, but I thought it was important that everyone take a moment to think about their lives.
One year ago today my life changed forever.  My innocent love of Boston and the world were shattered to pieces as I witnessed the pure hatred and evil that one man can hold for another.  No amount of time will allow me to process what happened, because I can never comprehend the evil someone would posses to ever want to murder innocent people.  The terrorists at the Boston Marathon did much more than kill four people.  They destroyed our sense of security, our understanding of humanity and our trust in other people.  They ripped a member of my community, my MIT family, from us and left a permanent scar on Boylston Street.
Remember that we are Boston Strong, and I thank the people who make me hesitate to lose all faith in humanity.  Thank you to those who, while others ran away, ran towards the bombs, and helped the victims on the street.  Thank you to the first responders who helped them to the hospital, and the hospital staff that worked endlessly to bring their lives closer to normal.
We all owe a huge debt to our police officers.  In the midst of Office Collier's death, I knew that no matter what I could count on the MIT Police to keep our campus safe for us.  Thank you to the Boston, Cambridge and all other forces for pursuing that monster on a rainy Thursday night.  Thank you for bringing him to justice as he forced an entire city into their homes, emptying the streets and bringing our city to a standstill.  I'll never be able to express my gratitude for the safety you assured us in Boston's darkest hour.  Your courage and strength are always admired, and I know that the entire community will forever see you as heroes.
As for this year, keep running.  Go and support the marathon, cheer for runners, and show that this city will never lie down.  We will forever fight back for our home and our way of life.  I hope the whole world will stay Boston Strong this weekend as we prove that while they may take our legs, we will never stop running.  

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Cleaning

I'd been meaning to clean off my stupid desk for a long time.  Living in a dorm room, I have very limited table space and my desk was serving as a workspace/makeup counter/ dinner table/ everything.  It was getting a little grimy (ew) and sooo cluttered.  I'm normally a very OCD person, so it was seriously starting to drive me completely bonkers to have no desk space.  When I got home early today, I decided enough was enough and I'd clean it off.  Being stupid, I forgot to take a before picture, but maybe that's just me subconsciously saving your eyes.  My main motivation was some beautiful new tulips I picked up yesterday.
It may look a little cluttered on the walls, but I don't really like having blank wall space so it works for me.

I grouped all of the makeup and vitamins that I use every morning right on the side.  They only take up about 4" of desk space, and it's worth it to have them right there in the morning.  Also how adorable is my makeup brush holder?  It used to be a candle in a wine bottle!  
These flowers have been doing wonders to keep my morale up while I do homework.  Orange tulips with the yellow tops are my absolute favourites!  They've been keeping pretty well which is surprising.
One helpful thing I've learned is to tilt your desk lamp up away from you.  It gives off a softer light near your desk and doesn't hurt your eyes as much while you work.  The softer light from my lamp has made it very pleasant to be at my desk.

What are some ways you keep your workspace clean?  I'd love to know!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Fiancé Does My Makeup

With an uneventful spring break just ending, I was having a bit of writer's block.  I've fallen waaaay behind on my 101 in 1001 youtube videos so I decided to jump on that.
I always like watching when girls let their boyfriends do their makeup for them, so I decided to let Doug touch my makeup and see what he did.  Wasn't too shabby, take a look.

I'm still figuring out the editing, so bear with me.