Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring Cleaning

I'd been meaning to clean off my stupid desk for a long time.  Living in a dorm room, I have very limited table space and my desk was serving as a workspace/makeup counter/ dinner table/ everything.  It was getting a little grimy (ew) and sooo cluttered.  I'm normally a very OCD person, so it was seriously starting to drive me completely bonkers to have no desk space.  When I got home early today, I decided enough was enough and I'd clean it off.  Being stupid, I forgot to take a before picture, but maybe that's just me subconsciously saving your eyes.  My main motivation was some beautiful new tulips I picked up yesterday.
It may look a little cluttered on the walls, but I don't really like having blank wall space so it works for me.

I grouped all of the makeup and vitamins that I use every morning right on the side.  They only take up about 4" of desk space, and it's worth it to have them right there in the morning.  Also how adorable is my makeup brush holder?  It used to be a candle in a wine bottle!  
These flowers have been doing wonders to keep my morale up while I do homework.  Orange tulips with the yellow tops are my absolute favourites!  They've been keeping pretty well which is surprising.
One helpful thing I've learned is to tilt your desk lamp up away from you.  It gives off a softer light near your desk and doesn't hurt your eyes as much while you work.  The softer light from my lamp has made it very pleasant to be at my desk.

What are some ways you keep your workspace clean?  I'd love to know!

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