Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A whole new world

Ok maybe not a whole new world.. but I do have a whole new image!  I finally got fed up with the pixelated messy drawing I was using as my logo.  I drew it at my desk during a lunch break a year ago when I first started the blog (that sketch was actually the inspiration for the name).  As Bottom of the Top has been growing, I've been wanting to make it a little crisper.  You know, something I can show off and be even more proud of.  Try as I might, I could not improve the image and I was struggling hard with Photoshop and Illustrator trying to clean up the lines.
Then it dawned on me.  All these years I've been getting myself ready to hopefully be a contractor, which means farming out work to a professional.  Why was I not applying that logic to my normal life??
Enter Cecile.
I stole this from her G+, but it's kinda badass
Cecile is my neighbor of 2 years, fellow MIT student, artist, architect, and most importantly a fellow blogger! (Check her out here!)  After watching her use Illustrator for shits and giggles, I knew she was perfect for the job.  She understands the anxiety of sharing the blog process, the imperfections and first attempts.  Only difference is, she can put the ideas in my head onto a piece of paper (or in this case, into a png file).
After a quick discussion, an hour on a laptop and many thank-yous, I give you my new logo!
bling! sparkle sparkle

Look how the feet line up!  The dress is so much sleeker and the lines are so crisp.  I've been inspired to clean up the rest of the site along with a few other surprises.  Also you can definitely expect some more collaborations with Cecile in the future.
See you soon!

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