Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Dolla Dolla Shave Y'All

I'm finally starting to get back into the swing of a normal life.  With my normal life comes normal people problems, enter shaving.  Now I seriously hate shaving.  I hate it. So. Much.  But as a woman of class and style it is an unavoidable evil during the summer. 
My skin is suuuper sensitive.  Back when we were kids my sister used to call me "herp legs" because of all the little red razor burn bumps I'd always have on my thighs.  It was horrible and I couldn't decide if the cuts and bumps were any better than the hair.  Through the years I've slowly developed a routine that involved wicked expensive razors, shave creams, moisturizers, and only shaving once a week.  It was a huge pain in the ass and trying to balance saving money with a clean shave was actually kind of stressful.
And then the Dollar Shave Club came into my life.
The Dollar Shave Club is pretty much exactly as it sounds.  Spend about $6-$9 a month, get 4 razors.  The range in price depends on how many blades each razor has.  Normally I'd be skeptical to do something like this, but with weekly beach trips in my future, having a new razor every week for only dollars a month was very persuasive.  Besides, Birchbox had already primed me to the idea of a monthly subscription.
I decided to dip my toes in, and I got their "4X" package for $6 a month.
As soon as the box came I was ripping into it like a gorilla.
A little masculine for my tastes (yes, packaging tricks work on me), but then again it is marketed for men.
definitely screams "I pee in the woods" to me, but whatever

The starter kit came with quite a bit.  I got 4 razors, a handle, shave cream and aftershave (again, marketed to men).

I was deeply impressed with the quality of the razors.  I've been a Venus Embrace girl ever since puberty, and I am a tough convert from brand loyalty.  Dollar Shave Club has done it though.  The blades are sharp and maintain themselves throughout the week.  No more razor burn, no more "herp legs".  Paired with Aveeno Shave Gel my legs are soft and the shave lasts a long time.
I am going to switch up to the 6 blade model, just for a closer shave during the summer.  I did like the 5 blades on the Venus, so I'm going to try the nicer model.

Overall, A+ to these guys.  My legs feel great and I'm saving so much money!

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