Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Laissez les bons temps rouler

what. a. whirlwind.
I'm sorry I flaked out bad the past few weeks, but there have been a lot of good things in store lately!
First, I am officially a senior.  It's really hard to believe that when I started this blog a year ago I was freshly over the halfway point and now I'm pretty much done.  This was my last round of finals, ever.  I passed all my classes and am moving on to lab practicals and random humanities.  I'm officially done learning chemical engineering!  It's completely an insane thought to me, but I'm starting to like the idea of it.

So finals ended 2 weeks ago and after I moved into my summer room, I immediately packed up and shipped off to New Orleans!  Oh man, if you haven't been you should 100% get down there immediately.  I had the time of my life and I was only there for 3 days.
New Orleans is like nothing you can see anywhere else in the world.  Walking down Bourbon St is insane because you'll have a cheap bar that's open until 6am advertising "Huge ass beers", three strip clubs, and then a five star restaurant all right in a row.  Bourbon St contains some of the craziest debauchery I have seen in my life.  But if you go one block off Bourbon St onto Royal, you see a completely different story.  Within earshot of the drunkfest on Bourbon, you can browse $20k chandeliers, $400 derby hats, and rare antique Civil War muskets on Royal St.
I was a fan of the hats, even though I got my own that more fit my budget
The contrast was intense and like nothing I've ever seen.  There were Ming vases withing spitting distance of people drinking their asses off.
ok, I might have been participating in activities on both streets.
The best part of the trip by far was the food.  Oh my, I think I tasted dreams on this trip.  We started right off the plane at the Acme Oyster house.  One of my favourite foods of all time is Crawfish Etoufee.  It's an amazing creamy stew of spices and crawfish served over rice.  This dream of a dish came with a Turbodog beer on draft, which made my life complete.
When I die, bury me here
I was in heaven down there, and really ate and drank my weight in seafood and good beer.  I'll be posting more about this tonight, but for now I have a plane to catch and this post is long enough.  Look forward to more stories because this was not all NOLA held for me!

Talk to you soon :)

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