Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Involving More Women in STEM

As you can tell by my enrollment and major, I am a huge proponent of involving people, especially young women in STEM fields.  My mom recently sent me this video about how Verizon and MAKERS are launching a campaign to get more girls interested in these fields.  I would love to do my part by involving Bottom of the Top.

So what is STEM?  STEM is an acronym for "Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics".  It's a blanket term, but pretty self explanatory.  As a whole, these areas are vital to our economies and welfare.  Students in these fields go on to become doctors, engineers that build safer infrastructure, cleaner energy and even vaccines and medications we need. Again, extremely important for our survival and growth as a society.  However, according to the #InspireHerMind campaign, women hold less than 25% of the STEM jobs in the US.
I was fortunate to have grown up with my dad, a chemical engineer.  He helped me understand what engineers do and he pushed me to pursue all that I was capable of.  It is because of this inspiration and countless mentors throughout the years that it was even remotely possible for me to study at MIT.

Join me over the next couple weeks in helping inspire young women to learn and pursue STEM jobs.
I'll be sharing some of my research and stories from myself and friends.

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