Tuesday, September 16, 2014

My Own Vacation

So I went on and on about planning my trip and never actually said what I did.
Well, everything.
Doug and I spent 2 weeks in the UK and only stayed one night in each city with the exceptions of London, Edinburgh, and Dublin.  It. was. exhausting.  I'm never doing a 2 week vacation ever again.  From now on 1 week max.  I got homesick and tired which was miserable.  Additionally since we weren't really stopping, we never took a day to just relax and sleep in.  It was always go go go go on to the next sight and next city.
But it was amazing.
We started in London and the first day after our overnight flight we decided not to sleep, but just push through the day.
I had been up over 24hrs at this point
Being exhausted, we tried to only do things that required walking, which did work out.  We went to Buckingham Palace and then walked over to Big Ben and Parliament.
Big Ben is gorgeous, just absolutely amazing.  Picture never do it justice and I could have stared at the clock tower all day.

We hurried to our hotel, which was in South Harrow (aka the hood) and immediately fell asleep.  We woke up bright and earlier and headed straight to the Tower of London.  We took a tour of the tower and saw the Crown Jewels, which was really neat.  However waiting in lines at the Tower took FOREVER and ate up most of our day.  Since it was too late to do any other tours, we walked along the Thames and saw the outside of the Globe Theatre.
It was a nice day and we had fun walking and joking while we saw some sights from the outside.
This is not London Bridge
By the end of the day we were completely exhausted again, so we went to sleep fairly early.  The next day we dedicated to the British Museum and Westminster Abbey.  This was by far our favourite day in London.  If you'd like to see most of the world's treasures, you only need to go to London.  I nicknamed the museum the "how Britain ransacked their colonies and some others" museum.  I almost cried when I actually got to see the Rosetta Stone in real life, it really was that amazing.  We walked through the other exhibits and took some time to sit near the Elgin Marbles (aka things the Brits stole from Greece.)
It was truly awe inspiring.  I've always been a fan of Greek art (I studied Classics for 5 years), but I'm always blown away by its beauty.  I think we spent almost an hour just looking at the sculptures.
By the time we were both satisfied with the museum, we had just enough time to run over to Westminster Abbey and make the last tour of the day.  I was so glad we made it because Westminster Abbey is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited.  Unfortunately I don't have an pictures because they don't let you take them inside, but trust me, definitely worth the visit and the little bit extra for the tour.  The tour takes you into some of the back parts of the Abbey and you can see some really beautiful tombs.
That's the coolest part, the tombs.  It sounds weird, but it was really neat to see the number, variety and notoriety of the people interred there.  You'd be walking and the guide would be like, "oh yeah, 5 paces ago you just walked over Winston Churchill" or Isaac Newton, or Laurence Olivier.  It was wild.  Doug and I were beside ourselves being at the resting place of so many great individuals.  After the tour we wandered around a bit ourselves and just stood in awe at the people who had the honor of being interred in the Abbey.  It was really quite incredible and I highly recommend you go if you have the chance.

Ok I realize I may have bored you, so I'll cut this one off.  The plan is another full post on our time in Edinburgh, then pictures from the trip.

Look forward to telling you more!

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