Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Take a Sick Day

Let's face it, sometimes your day just sucks and you have to say screw it and stay home.  I got hit with a monster cold this week and after a few days of pushing through it I stopped and asked myself "why they hell am I making myself so miserable?"  The answer was "for no good reason" and I decided to take a break and stay in bed all day today.  I must have needed it because I slept until 4pm!
So while I was originally deciding to do a "what's in my bag?" post, that clearly never happened.  So here are some of my essentials to getting through the plague.

Warm Throw Blanket:  Heat is your best friend when you're sick.  While you may be sweating, be sure to keep bundled!  Your body heats up to basically cook the virus out of your system, so keeping warm will speed this.

Lemon Tea:   As with the blanket, warm tea will help heat you up.  It also has an added bonus of soothing a sore throat.  My go to is Bigelow's I Love Lemon tea with 100% of your Vit. C.  2 Cups of this a day and you'll be better in no time!

Moisturizer:  Your skin really takes a beating when you're sick.  Wiping your nose all day can do a number on the area around it.  In addition to that, just being sick can alter your skins oil content.  Take care of it with my favourite, Burts Bees Moisturizer

Strong Meds:  While I hate to be the one pushing drugs (ok maybe not :P) this stuff is amazing.  Sudafed 12 Hour with Pain and Pressure relief is the real deal.  You have to get it behind the counter (but you don't need a script, they just want to check if you're cooking meth), so I normally keep it on hand because who wants to go out when they're sick?  They have a decent amount of naproxen, which is like ibuprofen, so it keeps your fever down and relieves your sinuses.  Only downside is that for your sinuses to feel better, the mucus has to go somewhere (read: out your nose) so be ready with tissues!

These have been helping me and I hope they help you!  Let's get through fall with no more diseases!

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