Tuesday, September 23, 2014

West Point

If you've never been near the West Point Military Academy, I feel bad for you.
Back when I was on my high school's science team we used to have competitions on their campus and let me say I have never seen a more beautiful place.  Normally the campus is completely closed off to civilians (it's a functioning military base) so once I graduated I said a teary goodbye to one of my favourite places in the country.
Two weeks ago I was incredibly privileged to go back for an Army football game.  My cousin recently married a West Point grad, and since I wasn't able to make the wedding I jumped at the chance to meet my new cousin and their daughter, as well as go back to West Point.

It. was. a. blast!
First off I went straight to the statue of Eisenhower to recreate some pictures:
Doug and me in high school

My little cousin Emma and me
I'm a huge sucker for doing the same picture with different people.  To me it's the best kind of tradition.
My new cousin gave me a tour of campus and I even got to see some obstacle courses (sorry no pictures!)  We hung around all day for parades

a football game

and some quality cousin bonding time
Edward and Megan are selfie pros
New cider buddy!
This little girl loves her selfies
I think Emma may grow up to be me.  She is a Let It Go singing selfie taking Iron Man fan that does not stop talking.  Somehow she'd sucker me into carrying her on my back with a sunburn and she'd sit on my lap while we ate.  I have to update my resume with new certifications because apparently I'm like the pink power ranger because I "have brown hair and am awesome"!
This really meant a lot to me because I'm 16 years older than Emma, and Megan is 16 years older than I am.  Growing up with an older cousin was awesome!  She would take me to movies, buy me candy and make grown up jokes in front of me.  Whenever I hung out with Megan and her sisters, I felt like the coolest person in the world.  I can't wait to take Emma out, buy her dinner and candy, tell her dirty jokes and make fun of our parents like I used to with Megan.  If I can be even a fraction as cool to Emma as Megan was to me I would be so, so happy.  This little girl really touched my heart in a way only your family can.

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