Friday, December 12, 2014

Plug and Feather Watches

I'm always excited when I get an inside scoop on a new product and when it's still in the making it's even better!  Recently I was contacted by Plug and Feather about their new Kickstarter campaign to help fund their own factory.  If you don't know, Kickstarter is a wonderful website that helps people crowdfund their projects.  Currently, Plug and Feather are running their Kickstarter until January 2nd to get their watches onto the market.
The handmade watches are truly incredible, made with gorgeous stones set into the face of each watch.  Don't let their beauty fool you, these faces are quite rugged; the face "resists compression (crushing), tension (pulling apart) and torsion (bending)".   Seriously though, these are works of art you can wear all day.

My personal favorite is the Carnelian face.
The best part is, you can share this with your friends!  It's petty, but sometimes I don't like sharing new fashions I find because I don't want people looking exactly like me.  Plug and Feather totally avoids this. "In fact, every watch face has been milled from a different sliver of stone giving it a set of marbling and coloring that is entirely unique to that very piece. No two watches are exactly the same."
Crazy right?
They also come with leather bands (totally my preference)

Impressed?  I certainly was!  Hop over to their website and their Kickstarter.  Seriously, the watches are only $99 through the Kickstarter (much less than that Michael Kors one I know you've been eyeing.)  
While the watches won't ship until ~April, they would make fantastic Christmas presents, and what better Christmas present to the guys over at Plug and Feather than helping them make their company a reality.

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