Friday, January 9, 2015

No Internet for a Month

Ok, back on campus after a month.  Before finals I peaced from campus and visited my grandparents and aunt and uncle in Ohio.  From there we visited Doug's family in Wisconsin then spent the rest of the holiday with my parents in New York.  It was a great break and one of the best things was I didn't use my computer at all.  
Ok that was a lie, I used it to watch Christmas movies.  But other than that I didn't even turn it on.  It was great.  I only answered urgent emails from my phone once a day and other than that I just relaxed.
Seriously, it was the best break ever.  I spent everyday outside with my dog or out hunting.
Chillin in the duck blind

Margarita night!

I got a pheasant!
All in all, I highly recommend unplugging for a while.  I had the most fun I've had in a while just chilling with family and spending time outside.  That said it's good to be back, and I'll be devoting more time to Bottom of the Top again.

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