Sunday, February 22, 2015

Finding my rhythm

There's been a lot going on where I didn't really want to spend time on my computer at all.  Lately I've been going through this phase where I can't stand interacting with my computer aside from throwing music on.  I've been starting to get a little anxious about graduation which wasn't helped by some drama with the registrar's office .  Regardless I'm starting to feel some rhythm back in my life.
Doug and I recently got a turntable!  This is really exciting for me because a lot of the blues and soul music I used to listen to as a kid is hard to find digitally.  Aside from that, there really is no beating the warm sound of vinyl.
We went with a Technics SL-5 belt-driven linear tracking turntable.  Basically that just means it doesn't look like the ones at Urban Outfitters.
It's fairly compact
I was really excited about finding one of these, because it's the same one my dad has that I grew up with.  He's had it since he was in college in the 80's and we still use it to this day (he wouldn't part with it when I asked him.)
I tested it out with a Lou Rawls album I picked up at the local record store (hooray college town) and since my speakers are powered I could play the table quietly.  Worked awesome!  Still need a receiver though, so we turned to Ebay again and actually found the same receiver Doug had growing up!  We went with a Pioneer VSX-453 which I'm so excited about getting.
I'll show the whole setup when I have it together.  As somewhat of an audiophile I'm so pumped to finally have my own turntable!  I can't believe how much stuff you can find on Ebay, it's really incredible.